uniden 396xt

  1. O

    Uniden BCD 396XT

    Used in great condition, With belt clip. Missing charger. Will ship in us for free.
  2. USED Uniden BCD396XT (Needs internal speaker)

    USED Uniden BCD396XT (Needs internal speaker)

    I am selling my used Uniden BCD396XT. It is a great scanner with some minor signs of wear. The internal speaker quit working and I had used it with an external speaker and also headphones. Included with the sale: (1) Uniden BCD396XT (1) Standard Rubber Ducky Antenna (1) 800MHz RadioShack...
  3. rochs

    P25 Trunk individual call, problem (BCD436, 396)

    System P25 trunk (BCD 436) and P25 standard trunk for (BCD396) in an individual call you can hear only one subscriber, and sometimes all. what is the problem? I use BCD 436 and BCD 396 If two scanners work, then on the first one you can hear the transmitting subscriber, and on the second scanner...
  4. BlackhawkCB

    Uniden 996XT programming

    Hello, im trying to program my uniden 996XT for the Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN) (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6694 ) but im not really sure how, i read the easier to read manual but it still makes not much sense, i have no programming cable so i am doing it...
  5. K

    Uniden BCD396XT Compact APCO 25 Handheld Scanner

    Hello! Needing help to programming my Uniden BCD396XT Compact APCO 25 Handheld Scanner for Oakland County MI. Not sure what types of systems Oakland County Sheriffs Dept is using along with Waterford fire? I currently am working in Pontiac and work in the private security sector. Any help...
  6. S

    396xt cannot hear CT state police

    Just got a used 396xt and i am trying to listen to CSP. I deleted all the preloaded stuff after i factory resetted it and then made a new system on the scanner under Motorola as thats what system CSP uses, i then added all the frequencies and talkgroups but i never hear anything. I can confirm...
  7. T

    Preloaded BCD396xt

    My first and new BCD396xt scanner should be arriving today in the mail. From what I understand the scanner comes preloaded. From reading (and watching) reviews online I can understand that one might want to reset the scanner and delete the preloaded content. I think one does this by turning on...
  8. V23

    Upload to Scanner Problem

    I'm totally new to scanners but got my Christmas wish and I'm the proud owner of a Uniden BCD 396XT digital scanner. I'm using acr-xt to configure the programming but I can't upload the programming to my scanner. My Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 7 and I purchased the Uniden USB-1 Interface...
  9. J

    berkeley twp pd

    just was wondering if anyone else was having any trouble hearing berkely twp police(Ocean County) on there channel, what I am saying is I can hear the patrol side meaning car to car or portables and I can not hear dispatcher dispatching calls. don't know if it is something on my end with my...
  10. R

    Close Call and reviewing frequencies

    Hi All, I have a Uniden 396XT and I have just started to play with the Close Call feature. I am uncertain as to how I can review/store frequencies it finds using close call. Can anyone give me directions as to how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Russ
  11. D

    bcd396xt set up

    1.what programs should i DL to program my scanner? free and paid for (best ones?) 2.and how come i cant find the lcal police the RNC on radioref? the freq's for the local RNC anr nt there. and 3.when i went to the local HQ of the RNC and i turned on the Close call it did not decode the RNC.