uniden bc346xt

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    Hello to everyone, I've been searching about scanners And want to know if the uniden bc346xt could work in my country, here we don't have the frecuencies post ti on line so it has to be done with a an expert on programming. Can this scanner work without pre programmed frecuencies?
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    BC346XT ID SCAN/ID Search not working.

    I have had my Uniden BC346XT for a few years now it has worked great. I have programmed several trunked talk groups from the Milwaukee County Public Safety system, as well as several conventional railroad frequencies. Lately when scanning both systems, the trunked system doesn't seem to always...
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    Way to mount a BC346xt to wall?

    Hello. I just bought a BC346xt scanner and i know it has a belt clip that's removable and has the silver circular ring thing on the back(I don't know what to call it.) usually when im at home, i keep my radio just on a table. I want to find some kind of way to count a connector on the wall so...
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    help a newbie in St. Charles?

    I bought a Uniden BC346XT and had no idea how difficult it would be to program. I have some conventional and some trunked programmed in using FreeScan/EZ Grab, but I don't think I have it just right. Is there anyone in the area that offers programming/quick tutorial services? Thanks, Vince
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    Help with BC346XT

    Can someone please help or point me in the right direction? I've had plenty of scanners but I guess I'm to dumb for the BC346XT. I have channels programmed into the scanner, It's trunked and It's working fine. I have freescan and the premium service for RR. So for my problem, I live in a...
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    Uniden bc346XT

    Is there a way to program Radio Unit ID alpha tags into the 346xt in an EDACS Standard system? I have a list of all the Radio IDs and their alpha tags, and I see that I can have the numeric ID show up by going to Menu - Settings - Disp. Unit ID. I'm wondering if I can add the alpha tags to this...
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    Looking for help with my 346XT

    A couple of quick questions... 1) While scanning a system if the "signal bars" are not displaying, am I not getting a signal? 2) Sometimes I cannot receive on a certain system, when this happens I have put it on hold and scrolled to a talkgroup and get the "Finding CtrlChan". Why can I not...
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    BC346XT - local source

    Hi, I am new to the group and just finally looking at getting a trunking scanner (finally). I have been reading in the forums here and it looks like most are happy with the BC346XT, and for me the price is fair. It should last a few years before it is obsolete. My question is; Is there a...
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    Uniden 346XT TRUNKTRACKER III HELP Programming

    OK I'm new to this and we are shooting a movie which requires us to monitor the Fire freqs in our area...SANTA BARBARA. There is no SANTA BARBARA, CA as a selection, closest is L.A. This unit seems very complex. Is there a PROGRAMMING TRUNK SCANNERS for DUMMIES book out there or docs for this...