1. H

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Uniden BCD996P2 Scanning

    Hello guys, I'm recently getting into scanning trunked radio systems and have a question because perhaps I programmed my scanner inefficiently. Here in NC we use a statewide system called VIPER. I have read tons on the forums and have figured out how to use FreeSCAN and add systems, sites, and...
  2. N6KAW

    Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT and 220Mhz (1.25 Meter) VHF Amateur band

    Is the Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT the only non-handheld model with an alpha-numeric display which will receive what is left of the 220Mhz (1.25 Meter) VHF Amateur Radio band? Thanks
  3. R

    Uniden bcd536 NMO antenna

    Good morning I’m looking for a NMO antenna for my Uniden bcd536 Is there something that’s a “cover all”? Currently have a https://www.gigaparts.com/comet-antennas-sbb-224nmo.html For a little tri band radio I’m looking At dropping. But would prefer something universal for this scanner
  4. BCD996P2 Trunktracker with DMR unlocked

    BCD996P2 Trunktracker with DMR unlocked

    New BCD996P2 Trunktracker scanner, comes with DMR unlocked. Close call technology to pick up nearby transmissions. Programmed with London OPP, Fire, City, LTC and other channels. Also comes with antenna, extension cable and GPS unit so you can take it with you on the road. Comes with manual...
  5. P

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Random Unit ID Tags show up on the display when not programmed in

    I am listening to an NXDN system right now and I am seeing these already-named UIDs show up even though I don't have any IDs programmed. Why is this happening?
  6. kickflip

    proscan or freescan for programing bcd325p2

    Going to purchase a uniden bcd325p2 in a few days and was wondering the best software to program this with. Trying to monitor a trunked mototrbo tier 3 system and heard proscan was pretty good. The only reason why I'm in between both of these is it seems like there is more programming help with...
  7. Uniden SDS 100 with upgrades

    Uniden SDS 100 with upgrades

    Austin is going encrypted and that means I have less need for a P25 trunking scanner. I'm offering my SDS 100 which has rarely left the house. Good news: It has the upgrades for ProVoice, DMR/MotoTRBO, and NXDN already activated. Bad news. There's no box, original antenna, or belt clip...
  8. Uniden BCT15 Analog Scanner

    Uniden BCT15 Analog Scanner

    Uniden BCT15 base/mobile analog VHF-UHF scanner. Great for scanning civil-military aviation, maritime, non-digital public service, etc. 25 – 512, 764 – 776,794 – 956, 1240 - 1300 MHz. Includes telescopic antenna and AC adapter. No other accessories or manual (can be downloaded on-line). The...
  9. VK3YMML

    SDS100/SDS200: USDS100 - Waterfall Upgrade

    Firmware Main Version: 1.11.00 Sub Version: 1.02.01 Hi all, I am based in Melbourne, Australia. Today I downloaded the new edition of Sentinel software for the USDS100, I have updated to the latest firmware. After power-cycling the scanner as instructed by Sentinel I then checked the UPGRADE...
  10. FS: Uniden SDS200 Base Scanner

    FS: Uniden SDS200 Base Scanner

    Up for sale is a Uniden SDS200 Base Scanner. Used but like new condition still running for about 700 depending on your source and that is bone stock. The scanner already has about $300 worth of upgrades, including the DMR, NXDN, and Provoice Licenses, and the GPS adaptor. What will go with your...
  11. Uniden Bearcat BCD996T

    Uniden Bearcat BCD996T

    Uniden Bearcat BCD996T for sale, working condition. Comes with power cord, and antenna. I verified functioning today, turns on, receives clearly, no issues found with it, but sold as-is.
  12. P

    Business band frequencies on FRS/GMRS/MURS search band?

    Why are Red Dot, Brown Dot, Yellow Dot, Silver Star, Gold Star, Red Star, and Blue Star channels listed in the FRS/GMRS/MURS search bank on these scanners? What are these 7 business band frequencies doing here? The only scanner I have that doesn't have this is the 125.
  13. SOLD: Uniden SDS100 with Latest Firmware

    SOLD: Uniden SDS100 with Latest Firmware

    I’m selling a Uniden SDS100 that’s in great condition! I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s fully functional and has the latest firmware installed. It was sent to Uniden a while back where I had the cold solder issue addressed and I have replaced the dreaded battery door clip with one...
  14. P

    Why does DMR sound better with OFT?

    A couple weeks ago, I started using One Frequency Trunk for a singular DMR channel that I listen to a lot, and when I put in all the information for it into an OFT the audio quality seemed to significantly improve upon doing this and is now on par with my TRX-1. Why is this?
  15. L

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS200 cutting audio

    Hello, and have a nice day to everyone. I need help with my Uniden SDS200. It cuts aprox. 0.5-1 second of all transmissions at the beginning and, sometimes, at the end. So I can't hear what speaker have said at the beginning, espessially if he turns on radio station and start speak...
  16. kf6olc

    Recent Uniden updates video.

  17. P

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: OFT not displaying talkgroups or radio IDs

    I can't seem to get my scanner to display talkgroups of RIDs with OFT. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have the site and the two talkgroups programmed in along with the conventional frequency on a separate bank.
  18. D

    Broome County NY Channels

    I am having trouble getting channels for a uniden bcd996p2. I used radioreference and imported into the freescan. Before hand I paid the company I bought it from to program. It just had 1 channel at the bottom. Now it has multiple channels and some channels come and some don't. I was wondering...
  19. P


    It would be nice if we could have Unit IDs pop up on conventional channels like trunked systems. I should clarify, I would like this on analog conventional channels.
  20. A

    how to find out if my scanner got DMR/NXDN upgrade

    Hi. I bought a Uniden BCD536HP scanner from a ham. He did not know if it had DMR/NXDN upgrades installed. How do I find that out? Thanks for your help.