1. Salvatorejrc

    External Speaker Suggestions

    I just bought the uniden bc15 for my sds100. It sounds nice but the scanner itself is louder than the speaker, which is a disappointment. What are some suggestions for external speakers that go louder? I would most likely use it for both desktop as well as mobile.
  2. Uniden SDS 100

    Uniden SDS 100

    USED SDS 100 in Great condition. I had added a new battery clip as you will see in the pictures which is much stronger than the original clip. I am selling this b/c I finally got my department radio and I no longer need this. Comes with Charging cable and belt clip. I can not get pictures to...
  3. K

    RadioFeed RadioFeed Drops URL Connection From SDS200

    RadioFeed and SDS200. For some reason unknown to me every once in a while (at least once a day) RadioFeed will stop broadcasting and nothing will be heard on the Broadcastify stream. When I check RadioFeed the "URL Setup" box will be blinking red, if I turn the scanner off and then back on it...
  4. *SOLD* REDUCED - Uniden BC895XLT Scanner

    *SOLD* REDUCED - Uniden BC895XLT Scanner

    **SOLD** I accidentally fat fingered the cost price so I'm reducing it to $50. Used and in very good condition is a Uniden BC895XLT Trunktracker Scanner. Has 300 channels and does CTCSS. Well taken care of and used only inside (no mobile installs). Radio just tested and still works like a...
  5. A

    BCD536HP: Nothing to Scan

    Hello. I have been searching different forums for days now. I followed all the steps indicated but still no luck. I want to only scan my favorite list. First I get the 'Nothing to Scan' screen on my scanner. When I press the 'CHANNEL' button, my FL pops up but still it doesn't scan. I think the...
  6. A

    Uniden BCP536HP scanner losing Wifi connection to Proscan software

    I have noticed in the last couple of days that my 536 is losing WiFi signal to proscan software, the software will show a blank scanner but my feed to broadcastify you can hear audio from the scanner but the audio is broken up so you can't understand it. Yesterday it corrected itself and maybe...
  7. Uniden SDS100 like new

    Uniden SDS100 like new

    Like new Uniden SDS100. All packaging and manuals included. Also have an antenna upgrade attached to the scanner but still have the factory antenna if you prefer to use that. The unit is 3 months old and works perfectly. It also has the large upgraded battery which allows you to listen for...
  8. spywiz

    New SDS 100 .STL file for 3D printing

    I found a pretty cool desktop stand for the 436HP. I tried to redo it for the sds100, but I couldn't get it just right. So, I asked my good friend @dodge Rice to give me some help. Two days later he sends me the perfect .stl for our sds100 with the fat battery cover. I'll attach a pic of mine...
  9. K


    Hi guys, Im new this forum and in radioscanning at all. I just bought Uniden SDS100 with DMR unblocked and I have problem. I use this device in Europe where we do not have these databases to programm (like in US or Canada) and I scann these frequencies one by one and its not working as fast as I...
  10. P

    885 database question

    I just recently purchased the 885 and so far I’m very pleased with it. The question I have is currently I am sitting in Wilmington, Illinois which is District 5 for ISP. I’m watching and listening to it on the scanner app on phone, but not hearing anything except occasional fire on the 885. ?? I...
  11. kudzu_kid

    Sentinel favorites lists and DB updates Was: Neophyte RR DB Question

    Hi, Pardon the n00bish question here. I've had my scanner (Uniden SDS200) for about 3 weeks. My time to parse the RR threads and the fair to poor scanner manual is rather limited. To my question(s): Once I have my scanner configured to my liking (unwanted stuff is AVOIDed on scanner, some...
  12. Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Recently purchased this scanner used for monitoring what's left of LTR & EDACS systems in my area, immediately following my purchase the systems started the move to DMR and P25. Not much of analog conventional here so I am selling this scanner for $145. $145 gets you the scanner, wall plug...
  13. N

    CFD Fireground, Ops, + Other special channels--Why can't I hear?

    I use a Uniden BCD436HP and though I can hear the Main and Englewood frequencies for both Fire and EMS, I cannot hear the other special frequencies--do I need to use the "Tone-Out" feature for that or possibly another system? I manually input all of my frequencies but if I need to use Sentinel I...
  14. chaos12135

    Programming a Trunked system on a Uniden BCD996P2

    I believe this is the correct area to post this at, sorry if it isn't. So I have a Uniden scanner that I was thinking of programming a trunked system to. I don't have too much familiarity working with trunked systems, and I'm not really asking for help to program it either, I have questions...
  15. UNIDEN 996P2 NXDN DMR P25


  16. WX9RLT

    SDS200 SDS200 On Aircraft Bands

    I have saw many saying the SDS200 is not good on the Aircraft Band. I want to tell you about my experience. I will explain my setup real quick. SDS200 with stock antenna (Sitting on the table inside the house) Uniden 536 with a special built j-pole that is tuned specifically to the aircraft...
  17. Uniden SDS100 Scanner w/ Mini Discone Combo

    Uniden SDS100 Scanner w/ Mini Discone Combo

    Hello everyone, I'm currently selling my SDS100 that includes a remtronix antenna plus a Harvest D220 mini discone. Original packaging for radio will be included.Everything is in perfect working order, I'm only selling all of this currently because I was furloughed and have to make some tough...
  18. Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded DMR, NXDN, ProVoice, Remtronix and Internal GPS

    Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded DMR, NXDN, ProVoice, Remtronix and Internal GPS

    Cancelled Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded with DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice. Also includes the internal GPS mod from Jon Wienke. Making this a truly portable rig. Radio Shack (Remtronix) 800MHz antenna with BNC adapter. Uniden charger and USB cable. Everything in the pictures is included. Shipped...
  19. Mudhog13


    Item sold!
  20. Salvatorejrc

    Uniden Scanning

    In the link I posted below, the scanner is recieving and playing transmission after transmission with absolutely no pauses in between. Is this because the user is in an area with multiple sites going at once with heavy radio traffic or is there some kind of setting or mode that enables...