1. M

    In search of Uniden Bearcat BR330T scanner

    I'm looking for a BR330T, doesn't have to be in mint condition, just has to work properly. Will pay through paypal.
  2. For sale/trade Uniden SDS200 DMR upgrade

    For sale/trade Uniden SDS200 DMR upgrade

    SDS200 with the DMR UPGRADE. Original box,manual etc.. its mint and from a smoke free home.. looking at trading for a Unication G5 or a G4. Or 700/800. Depending on if it's the G4 some cash too on your end. PayPal accepted invoice only and must include the fee. Email me with question...
  3. durangoGreg

    Simple GPS solution for mobile SDS200?

    Has anyone come up with a better GPS solution for permanent mobile mount in an auto for the SDS200? The current GPS kit is ridiculous you need to have the USB cable with the power inserter and then plug in the cigarette power adapter to power the GPS. Then you have the cable to the GPS itself...
  4. Uniden SDS100 w/Int GPS & DMR/NXDN/PV Upgrades

    Uniden SDS100 w/Int GPS & DMR/NXDN/PV Upgrades

    I have a used SDS100 for sale. It had a problem with the battery swelling, so I sent it back to Uniden for an OOW repair ($90). It came back with a new control board and new battery and cover. Everything works fine now - no issues. This unit has the internal GPS mod upgrade installed, so...
  5. Dtmaster2008

    WTT Uniden SDS200

    Good morning I just recently purchased a new car and don't particularly feel like drilling holes to get my 200 mounted so I'm looking to trade it for a SDS100 so mobile mounting won't be as tedious or damaging. It has the DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice paid upgrades and looking for a handheld with the...
  6. W5DON

    SDS100 or SDS200 Wanted

    Cash, swap, partial swap. I have stuff. Don / W5DON
  7. SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 for a project that I never got around to. Only used inside - WORKS GREAT ! All original items in Box. BONUS: Upgraded 32gb Sandisk SSD - more record time BONUS: Remtronix Antenna - so much better than stock FYI: No upgrades purchased. Non-Smoker - maybe used 10-20...
  8. J

    New to scanners and looking for an antenna to improve reception!

    Hello! I've recently just invested in my first airband scanner (the Uniden UBC75XLT) for me to use when visiting my local airports and it works great and wasn't too expensive, so I'm very happy! I'm also now looking, and I'll be honest I don't know if it's even a possibility, if there is a way...
  9. R

    Uniden GPS Kit mounting question

    I would like to know if the GPS Module works if it is not attached to the windshield? Basically, my question is would it work if you leave it in the cup holder, or glove box. Thank you.
  10. M

    BC125AT: uniden bearcat bc125at frequency centering question

    hi guys i had a BC125AT scanner, today i tried to store MANUALLY frequency 161.6 (channel20 marine) but the scanner shift automatically to 161.6025 and cannot stay on 161.6000. i noticed that if i search with the SVC shortcut in the marine section i can find the frequency 161.6000 centered...
  11. Uniden BCD 996P2

    Uniden BCD 996P2

    SOLD.....Uniden BCD 996P2 in brand new condition. Programmed and powered up and never used after that. Replaced with an SDS200 due to being in a Simulcast reception situation. No scratches, marks or blemishes on it anywhere. Includes Manuals, Telescoping Antenna, Mounting Brackets, Knobs and...
  12. For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    For Sale: 1 Uniden Handheld Scanners (Edited)

    The BC125AT has sold separately. For sale is a Uniden BCD325P2. Specs / info: https://uniden.com/products/handheld-trunktracker-v-scanner It is in excellent condition, and works 100%, but no returns. It comes with the original antennas, belt clip, new NiMH batteries, new charging cable, a...
  13. ** SOLD ****   Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    ** SOLD **** Like New Uniden BCD325P2 Scanner - $325 SHIPPED

    *** SOLD **** For sale is a pristine, like new BCD325P2 scanner. I'm moving to a new area that is going to require the more sophisticated SDS100. Bought about 7 months ago. No scratches, bumps, scuffs, dings, etc. on case or front screen. Comes with box, paperwork & all accessories. No...
  14. Reduced $: Uniden BCD396XT + GPS + antennas

    Reduced $: Uniden BCD396XT + GPS + antennas

    Excellent shape. Never left the garage. Includes: scanner, USB cable, wall plug, BR-355S4 GPS receiver, Watson WSMA-801 antenna and a custom wound rat tail tuned to 800mhz by Emmett at Radio Wavz. What you see in these 6 images is what you'll get. Will ship for free via USPS Priority Mail to...
  15. V

    436HP Charging

    I’ve had my 436HP for about 6 months now as a night time scanner as it can record while I am sleeping but that means it has to charge all day. Is it safe to keep it plugged up all the time on or will it damage the scanner?
  16. M

    Uniden SDS200 for sale

    I have a gently used SDS200 for sale. It is in excellent condition (one year old), has all parts, manual and original box/packaging except it will come with an upgraded Remotix 800Mhz antenna with 90degree BNC connector for back of unit. Price does not include shipping/insurance method of your...
  17. Regency Scanner Retail Store Signage

    Regency Scanner Retail Store Signage

    Parting with a beloved piece from my collection. This vintage Regency "Scanning the Action" store signage was last hung up in a Radio Shack back in the 1970's. Its in excellent condition given its age. This sign will make a nice addition to your shack. Sign panel is made of plastic. This the...
  18. mitch802

    Uniden BCD536HP Backlight Color

    Well, I too was a little disenchanted with this truly most excellent scanner. So, I did some research on here as well as all over the internet and found very very little with the exception of the Uniden BCD436HP which inspired me to do the very same thing. Came out well. See what you all...
  19. SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    Works Perfect Brand new in box Firmware and database has been updated Has all upgrades Will accept PayPal
  20. R

    Uniden HP2 and connecting to CLMRN

    I’m looking for help on how, if possible, to be able To connect my father’s homepatrol 2 to any of the local state police frequencies. (We are in Litchfield co) My father used scanners for years, but as we all know much has changed over the past years since he’s used a scanner. As for me, I know...