1. lucky43113

    Case and belt clip 436hp

    I need a Case and belt clip 436hp let me know what you have and price shipped to 43113
  2. L

    SDS100 learnings and questions

    Hi team, long time listener, first time caller,etc. Based in Seattle and primarily monitoring public safety in the city limits, previously with a Uniden analog trunk tracker. Bought an SDS100 recently to add WSP and hopefully overcome some issues in town. A few notes. 1. The default of 400...
  3. Uniden SDS100 True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner & extra battery & charger, 820S

    Uniden SDS100 True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner & extra battery & charger, 820S

    Selling a Uniden SDS100 True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner with extras. It is in like new condition as took very good care of it. It was kept in a protective case and never was outside. Comes in factory box with everything it would from factory and includes a USB cable, large battery, belt clip...
  4. B

    Newb in Ohio - up against a time constraint

    Good Morning! So a friend and I are taking a road trip across the country soon and he asked me to program his scanner while he is working on other vehicle aspects. Sure! Why Not! Can't be that hard! - or so I thought. I have years of experience in CB radios, Alarms, Remote Starters, etc, so I...
  5. T

    Audio issues (wow sounding) BCD996XT scanner

    Hello. I'm a Broadcastify audio provider and have been using Proscan (and other software) for some 10 years. I currently have an audio issue that I can't seem to resolve. I do a bit of playing around so I could very well have hit something I shouldn't have. The audio is coming out of the...
  6. C

    How do I manually enter freqs into SDS100 WITHOUT Sentinal?

    Hello Community, I searched for this topic, but cannot find it, so I apologize if this has been asked before. I am a mac user and do not have a PC i.e. Sentinal. I have tried doing the Wine conversion, but it just does not work with the newest MacBook Pros. How in the heck do I manually enter a...
  7. Pouya

    SDS100: Does SDS100E worthy to buy it in Europe?

    Hello Guys, I was trying to find the best handheld Radio Scanner and I understood Uniden is a big name between Scanners, I went and bought SDS100E and upgraded with ProVoice & DMR & NXDN, I did update frimeware and it cost total for me about 1000 US dollar,now I'm living in Göteborg, Sweden. I...
  8. Remington12G

    Veteran Affairs Lexington

    When you're on the Fayette County Home Page it mentions that VA Leestown and VA Cooper are under the Federal Agencies Listing In KY. When I navigate to the Federal page and look for the VA frequencies, I can not find them. Does anyone have a suggestion to where they could be in the RR Database
  9. N

    Volume Knob?

    Hello, I recently got a Uniden TrunkTracker III scanner and the volume is just a golden half stick, it makes it difficult to turn the volume up and down gently, when I try it will often go too high or too low and it is getting annoying, not sure if the previous owner maybe broke/removed the...
  10. Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Condition is used, but in excellent condition. All original packaging, accessories as the original antenna, belt clip, and 4 GB SD card, USB cable and documentation included. Did do all updates, so is ready to be used out of the box. This is a real Whistler 1080, not a RadioShack Pro 668 which...
  11. BCD996XT


    Excellent condition Uniden BCD996XT P25 scanner Programmed w/ all non-encrypted public safety systems in Colorado, as well as adjacent areas of WY, NE, KS, OK, NM and UT including all system/site coordinates for mobile use with GPS. Includes AC adapter, antenna, vehicle mounting bracket...
  12. Uniden BCD 436HP Scanner **NEW LOWER PRICE!**

    Uniden BCD 436HP Scanner **NEW LOWER PRICE!**

    Gently used BCD436HP Included: Scanner Rubber Duck Antenna Programming/Charging Cable 7 Eneloop AA's 4 Eneloop AAA's 3 Ultralast Green AA's Eneloop Quick Charger $275 Shipped and Insured
  13. Romeomike2709

    SDS100 Interference with SDS200

    Thank you in advance for any help. I’ve noticed when I place my SDS100 near my 200 the reception is choppy. This is a bit shocking to me as I normally have my equipment in close proximity. My second SDS200 has no issues being close to the other 200. Anyone have any suggestions about why this...
  14. xantegh


    Gents, Before I click that button for my second purchase of a BCT15X, I would like to get your opinion about the performance of this specific scanner as I might not be noticing some of the issues that others are currently facing or I may face later. Additionally, I'm afraid that the rating on...
  15. B

    K1PGV's Scanner Cast v0.14 Updating RR Feed Config...

    Have been saying This for over 24hrs. I'm Using Windows 10. Can Here Scanner via PC. Once i pressed on start broadcast this has been there ever since. (Updating RR Feed Config...) I'm doing the Audio Only (No Tags Support) Set up.
  16. M

    Need Help w/ Programming

    So i am looking into getting either the Uniden BCD536HP or the Beartracker885 and i am going to need help with programming as i have never had a scanner this advance. i will need help with setting up Talgroups so that i can listen to the ones for Pottawatomie County Kansas listed under Kansas...
  17. S

    CMX760 constant beep during TX

    Hey folks, either my Google-Fu is weak or this is just something weird that I'm not finding anything on. Picked up a CMX760 for my truck and ran a fire ring/fire stick to it and tapped the 12v accessory plug, everything seems to run fine and checked my SWR with the antenna and am in the green...
  18. R

    Monroe/Ontario P25 System

    Has anyone had any success using either the Uniden 996P2 or 325P2 on this system? I have a lot of trouble with decoding due to the simulcast and am wondering if anyone has found settings that work well before I spend big bucks on an SDS scanner. Thanks in advance!
  19. garys

    My Uniden Customer Service/Repair Center Gripe

    This is a low level gripe and not a rant. I've been a happy Uniden customer since the mid 1980s. I've had a lot of scanners and been happy with them all. In that time, the only scanners I've had to send in for service are x36HP units. When it comes to warranty repairs, I'm really happy with...
  20. N1DDC

    ARC536: Phase-2 Trunking System issue on ARC-536

    Gommert, I'm not sure if this has been brought to your data engineer people but for some reason when I use ARC-536 Pro to Import any P25 Phase-2 systems using the RR Import it is putting it in ARC-536 as a P25 X2-TDMA system, which they aren't because that was specific to Motorola's...