1. mitch802

    Uniden BCD536HP Backlight Color

    Well, I too was a little disenchanted with this truly most excellent scanner. So, I did some research on here as well as all over the internet and found very very little with the exception of the Uniden BCD436HP which inspired me to do the very same thing. Came out well. See what you all...
  2. SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    Works Perfect Brand new in box Firmware and database has been updated Has all upgrades Will accept PayPal
  3. R

    Uniden HP2 and connecting to CLMRN

    I’m looking for help on how, if possible, to be able To connect my father’s homepatrol 2 to any of the local state police frequencies. (We are in Litchfield co) My father used scanners for years, but as we all know much has changed over the past years since he’s used a scanner. As for me, I know...
  4. S

    Uniden bcd436hp

    I recently picked up a scanner and I need help. I programmed it on sentenial and I’m having problems scanning. What’s the difference between sites and departments because I programmed all the departments I wanted but removed the sites and it wont scan through the departments which are p25.
  5. Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    Uniden BCD536HP scanner with DMR upgrade

    <<SOLD>> Uniden BCD536HP Base scanner with DMR upgrade installed. Wifi dongle, mounting bracket, stock telescoping antenna, AC power brick plug all included in original box. Also cigarette plug power adapter and hardwired harness (never used). Asking 425 and estimate 16 shipping. If the...
  6. Fsnafu

    ProScan - Wine/Linux wiki is dated - unable to connect to any COM

    Been running Linux for the last ten years. Holds my network together... Excited to find out that there is a ProScan installation under wine but the problem is it will cough up and ask for a 32bit prefix and never run or it will run like clockwork and refuse to release COM's - 'the COM port is...
  7. For Sale: BCD325P2 with DMR & NXDN (Need Gone Soon)

    For Sale: BCD325P2 with DMR & NXDN (Need Gone Soon)

    I am selling my BCD325P2 that has the DMR and NXDN upgrades enabled. I have upgraded to a SDS100 and no longer need the BCD325P2. I am asking for $425. It comes with the box all accessories (antenna, usb cord), and a soft leather case with belt holder. There is minor cosmetic damage (refer to...
  8. Uniden BCD536HP

    Uniden BCD536HP

    I’m selling a Uniden BCD536HP desktop base unit. It’s still currently selling for over $500+ and has the DMR & NXDN upgrade kits installed, which adds another $150 value to it. Has the capability to enter a zip code and finds local channels/trunking from that. It does Phase-2 digital P25 so...
  9. AK4FD

    [WANTED] Uniden SDS100 Handheld

    I am wanting to buy an SDS100 Uniden handheld scanner. Please let me know your price, what accessories it comes with, and photos are a must! Due to past scamming incidents please have your RR username written somewhere in the photo like on a piece of paper or something next to the device...
  10. *SOLD* SDS100: Includes ProVoice+DMR+NXDN

    *SOLD* SDS100: Includes ProVoice+DMR+NXDN

    Update (2/28/21): The SDS100 has sold. I'm very thankful for the interest this has received, and so, so, grateful that the scanner is going to a radio enthusiast instead of my ex. Update (2/27/21): a person has expressed interest and we're just finalizing the details now. Hi Folks! I'm...
  11. T

    *BOUGHT* Looking for an SDS200

    ***SALE FINALIZED*** Hi there, I'm looking for a Uniden SDS200, preferably with the hum fix. In terms of condition as long as the screen is free of any defects I'm fine with some signs of use. Ideally it would come with any accessories but I am looking for one with a mounting bracket at the...
  12. I

    Scanner recommendations for newbie

    Hello, I’m very new to the radio and scanning situation, my dad is police so I could try to get some information from dispatch but I have a analog uniden bearcat sr30c, I love listening I know one is digital but not sure about encryption, is there a scanner I can use to hear as much as possible...
  13. N3GZR

    Override Scanner Defaults (Frequency)

    My objective is to monitor via scanner, a number of VHF and UHF Ham beacons. The purpose of which is to identify band openings. I have two scanners, one the Uniden BCD996P2, the other a Radio Shack Pro-2044 - both have the same issue - - - they won't accept the frequency input, and instead...
  14. R

    Uniden BCD325P2 Digital Tracking Scanner

    (SOLD) Purchased in May 2020 this scanner is in perfect like new condition in the box with everything that originally came with it. Email me at figure82@gmail.com for more information.
  15. Uniden BC 780XLT Scanner

    Uniden BC 780XLT Scanner

    This is a rarely seen very good condition 780XLT. Display is bright and crisp. A well regarded superb radio for listening to civil and military air, railroad, marine and ham. Very clean - never used mobile. Comes with original box and accessories (AC adapter, telescoping antenna, cigarette...
  16. Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2 ***SOLD***

    Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2 ***SOLD***

    Hey all, quick catch and release for me. I bought this new from Bearcat Warehouse only a few weeks ago. It was programmed and used probably twice. It has now been reset to factory settings. Comes with stock antenna, charging/data cable and lanyard, along with belt clip that is attached...
  17. Uniden 536HP w/ NXDN & DMR Upgrades (All Accessories Included)

    Uniden 536HP w/ NXDN & DMR Upgrades (All Accessories Included)

    Selling my Uniden 536HP, I had it for a few months after buying used. Works great, getting rid of it as I have moved all my scanning equipment to USB dongles and software-based decoding. Comes with all the original accessories, I can't find the original box. Also comes with NXDN and DMR...
  18. Looking for a Uniden 436HP Keypad

    Looking for a Uniden 436HP Keypad

    Hello, I am looking for a Uniden 436HP (like new) keypad. I am willing to pay and can exchange my current keypad (condition: some keys erased). Message me if interested! Thanks
  19. Uniden BCD 436hp

    Uniden BCD 436hp

    /////SOLD/////$360 OBO. Purchased new, gently used. Includes never used belt clip and wrist strap. Also includes scan disc, manual, stock antenna, USB cord. No box. Ship only in U.S.
  20. Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner with DMR Upgrade and Extras Excellent Condition

    Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner with DMR Upgrade and Extras Excellent Condition

    I have a like new SDS100 that was purchased shortly before Christmas from Main Trading Company (MTC). The scanner is 100% operational and in 95% cosmetic condition - there is a minor mark on the display where I bumped into my chair- not a crack or scratch, just a blemish. A carrying case, the...