unit ids

  1. P


    It would be nice if we could have Unit IDs pop up on conventional channels like trunked systems. I should clarify, I would like this on analog conventional channels.
  2. villlythekid

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Getting Started with UID's/RID's

    I am looking to get started with UID's on my BCD996P2. I use Freescan to record my scanner and have noticed that the "Unit ID" section has always been blank. I am pretty much starting from scratch. I understand what UID's are but I'm not sure how they work. Would I assign them manually or is...
  3. AK4FD

    BCT-15X unit ID feature...

    I have a question: I have the Unit ID feature properly displaying the UID's for my trunked systems, however for my conventional VHF channels they aren't displaying. My agency and surrounding agencies all have UID's for their portable radios and such so common sense tells me if my scanner...
  4. NFR85

    BCD996XT UIDS changer

    I'm a new user to this scanner. I was told on here awhile back I think by private message or exchanged AIM I was able to change the Unit ID# (UIDS) to whoever is talking. For example Engine 1. Is that possible to do? If so please provide a detail step by step instruction on how to do it
  5. C

    Grundy County unit ids

    If someone with local knowledge about the Grundy County Unit IDs could update this section of the wiki, it'd be appreciated: Grundy County (IL) - The RadioReference Wiki There is some old and new info on there and I'm not familiar enough with the area to know what's the latest.