1. T

    Harris XG-100P cup holder stand?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone use or know of any cup holder type holders for the XG-100P? I place my radio in my cup holder often but it moves around a lot, especially when going around corners and such. I’ve seen many 3D printed cup holder stands for other radios and scanners, but I haven’t been...
  2. KB3ZWI

    Unity XG-100 T99 Decode - Invalid Channel Feature

    Would it be possible for a Unity XG-100 to not have the T99 Decode function? Or is that a standard feature? I have it set up but I get an invalid channel feature. I also have one of the side buttons set to "monitor / clear". Thank you for the guidance. Here's what I have: RPM: Radio...
  3. Radioman96p71

    Unity XG-100p Bluetooth options

    Wondering what headset/earpiece units anyone has good luck with. I have the radio paired with a normal off the shelf cell phone headset but the mic audio isn't routed to the radio and there is no PTT function, so i'm wondering, what accessories are out there that work the best for radios like...
  4. K

    New Challenge

    Hello all, I have been given an...interesting...challenge to work through. I was recently informed that an agency I am working with will be receiving the new Harris Unity system for the Incident Management Teams. That said, one of our biggest necessities is the ability to deploy portable...