1. A

    how to find out if my scanner got DMR/NXDN upgrade

    Hi. I bought a Uniden BCD536HP scanner from a ham. He did not know if it had DMR/NXDN upgrades installed. How do I find that out? Thanks for your help.
  2. P

    Can you use one upgrade key on several devices?

    Possibly stupid question. Can I use the key on only one device or do I need to buy separate keys for each one? Has anyone tested this? And If it's only for one time use, then why can't it be shown in videos and/or pictures?
  3. For Sale:  SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades  (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN) Works great, looks new. Newest firmware and newest database update. I am only selling it, because of the holidays coming up and need some extra money. It is currently programmed for my area. I am only asking $675 for...
  4. S

    Is the sds100 worth in in DFW

    I’ve scanned for a while, I currently use a HP2 I listen mainly to northeast tarrant county agencies on the layer 2 of the Fort Worth radio system. Aside from the added mobility, is upgrading to a sds100 going to be worth the money and potential headache? Would a 436hp be a better option for me...
  5. J

    Upgraded PSR800 with Whistler Upgrade

    Got my psr800 back today from Whistler after they did my upgrade and seemed good. I was checking out the CPU upgrade and did the check on the cpu version and it was the latest so I unplug the scanner and the Boot version on the screen would not turn off. I disconnected the usb cable and then had...
  6. F

    Upgrading codeplug ver without radio? CPS MOTOTRBO

    Hi, maybe someone with experience can help me to figure out if its possible(and how), to upgrade codeplug verion beforehand without radio itself? Im planning to indroduce major change on UHF system at client. System consists of 5 repeaters(DR3000) and aprox 150 radios (mix of DM4400/...
  7. K2NEC

    CP200d digital upgrade

    So I was messing around with my CP200d (analog version) and wondered if there was a way of "tricking" the radio into thinking it is digital capable? If not does anyone know how much said upgrade would cost? Thanks
  8. J

    Kenwood TK-3180 UPG ERROR

    I tried giving my tk-3180 a firmware upgrade and when you turn the radio on it just says upg error. Is there a fix to this i cant get it off this screen?
  9. S

    BC75XLT: Antenna Upgrade For BC75XLT

    Looking to upgrade the antenna on my scanner. Looking to scan mainly ~400.0000, but id like to be able to pick up everything (if possible) From reading previous posts the diamond RH77CA was really recommended. Is that still the "best"?
  10. WhistlerWendy

    Update to GRE PSR-800

    Beginning June 1st Whistler will offer a feature upgrade program for the Pro-18, Pro-668 and PSR-800 scanners. For the cost of $59.99, customers will be able to send in their scanner to Whistler where the unit will be upgraded to receive DMR. You will cover the cost to ship the unit to use and...
  11. T

    Official DMR Upgrade for PRO-18 and PRO-668 by Whistler

    For those who perhaps missed the posting in the RR Whistler forum, Whistler will be offering official DMR upgrades for the Radio Shack PRO-18 and PRO-668 (as well as the GRE PSR-800) beginning June 1st. The cost will be $59.99 plus the cost of shipping your radio to Whistler (with return...
  12. T

    Upgrade firmware for TYT-MD 380 questions

    Hi Before I do firmware upgrade I want to make sure I am using the correct firmware. Currently my Radio version is: FIRMWARE VERSION : D002.034 CP VERSION: 0.127 I have no idea if this radio has GPS or not. in the back it just says model : MD-380, output 5W, Frequency 400-480Mhz looking at...
  13. Muffin

    Pro-668: Upgraded software to come?

    As anyone with one of these scanners is aware, there are several systems that the PRO-668 just isn't capable of monitoring (where other scanners are). ie: GE's Pro-Voice, Motorola's TRBO, ICOM's NXDN to name a few... Has anybody heard if there will be any kind of software/firmware upgrades...
  14. M

    VX-929 - VX-P929 P25 upgradeable? same hardware?

    Hi i am new here. I just got a pair of VX929. Being curious i checked the hardware - internals of the radio. Also I looked up and found service manuals for bot VX-929 and VX-P929. From what i see, if the manuals are valid :P which seem so, these two devices share EXACTLY THE SAME hardware. I...
  15. E

    BC75XLT upgrade antenna?

    Looking for maybe something newer than listed in older threads. I'm looking for two antenna upgrades for my BC75XLT. I'd like something at home in my office that gets better reception that the stock antenna. I'm mostly scanning 151-154 and 460 req ranges, fire and PD. Also something better for...
  16. w2lie

    Uniden Firmware Updater BC_VUP v3 Feedback

    I have a few minor issues with Uniden Firmware upgrader version 3 that is used to upgrade the XT line, and will be the required firmware upgrade utility for all scanners going forward (from what I have been reading).. My major complaint about this software is the requirement that it must pull...
  17. D

    Upgraded antenna, can't hear MSP?

    Hey everyone, I finally bought myself a pro-106 a few months ago, and still new to all of this. I finally have that beast tweaked out, and it works great. I took a ride over to the HRO in Salem, NH. I upgraded the rubber duck to the RH77CA Diamond antenna. I was told that this is a shifty...
  18. T

    Uniden BCT15 firmware v1.06 update problems

    I have a BCT15. It's currently operating with firmware v1.03.04. I would like to update it with v1.06.00. I have downloaded the firmware and updating application, and get the following response: Error This scanner is not an object for BCT15 Rewriting is impossible Please turn off the power and...
  19. T

    xts5000 II to III

    I am pretty sure based on another thread that it is possible to get this upgrade done however I was curious what reasonable pricing on it was. Also, is it true that FDNY knobs are discontinued? How much do those cost? Thanks for any assistance.
  20. L

    Android app sync with online upgrade?

    I just bought the RadioReference app for my tablet computer and love it. I now want to view archived stuff and it says I need to upgrade to "Premium". It seems to direct me to the website, so I came here and opened up an account. But if I upgrade to Premium online will that sync with my...