1. stantorres

    Scanners/ham radios that power on with ignition?

    What scanners and ham radio's (mobiles) can be vehicle mounted and will turn on when I start the car without me having to manually press the power button?
  2. DylanMadigan

    Can I auto power on the CDM1550-LS+?

    I see the option in CPS but it is grayed out. I know it's possible for these to turn on with vehicle power, as our FD uses them, but mine seem to not let me do that. I got mine used on ebay through some police department.
  3. WX9RLT

    Hiding your radio in your vehicle

    My main concern is a burglary to my vehicle. I was wondering does anyone else hide their radios? If so, how do you hide yours? I have a remote head, but have yet to use it. I currently have my radio on the dash of my vehicle. I want it out of sight. Any ideas on hiding it from...
  4. H

    Question about traveling to New York

    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first thread so please bear with me. I am an engineering college student going to school in upstate NY. I have a cb radio and a scanner radio in my car, each with their own antennas connected to the trunk of the car. I live in New Hampshire where the car is...
  5. J

    Mobile (Vehicle) Scanning Suggestions

    Hello all. I'm pretty new to this and am looking for suggestions. I would like to add a mobile scanner to my vehicle. I would like to be able to scan Clarke and Oconee Counties. Clarke is on an 800 mhz trunked radio system. Oconee is currently on an older VHF system but will soon be moving to a...
  6. poltergeisty

    ON-Star Off-Star?