vertex radio problems

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    vx-4000 help

    Hello I have a Vertex VX-4000 with remote mount. The radio worked fine a month ago. Now when I transmit you can barely hear me talking and a lot of static noise. It will receive in the same manner even with the volume all the way up. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Error 2

    I am having an Error 2 show up on my LCD of my 354 it programmed fine before and worked i went back a few days later and made some changes now when i download it error 2 and locks the radio up help please i am running windows 7 Thanks
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    Vettex vx-180 scanning?

    I have a VX-180 set up as both a pager and a radio, when i set the radio to scan it often jumps rite back to page or it will scan untill a transmission is heard than will jump to page and stay their untill i manually reset it to scan. other times it will continuously scan without any problems. i...
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    vertex radio problems

    I have the vertex vx-800 uhf firmware 1.25. I seem to have a huge problem in the squelching. When im near a computer, wireless router or cell phone my squelch opens. even if i pl set it attacks for about 15 msecs. I even set the Squelch to 7 and it still occurs. The worst part is when I have a...