vhf low

  1. Dispatrick

    Can anyone identify this interference sound?

    For years I've been getting major interference on the lower VHF band around my home indoors and outdoors and around a few house vicinity on my block. Most of the time it sounds like an "open carrier" on hundreds of frequencies in the lower VHF band, however within the last few months I now hear...
  2. rbenn

    SDS100: VHF Low Antenna for SDS100

    I'm looking for an antenna that gives me better reception on VHF low (150-159) and also provides a proper fit for the SDS100 SMA connector. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. A

    midland landmobile commercial radio

    A friend of mine just currently got a job with the local animal shelter as the dog warden and the 911 center wants you to talk to them on 39.90 mhz. He has a midland landmobile model 70-0375B commercial radio that will work but when attempting to transmit, it will for about a second and then...
  4. K

    vhf low red cross freqs

    Does the red cross still use the low band frequencies. If so, I'm thinking on days when six meters opens, if it opens during this Irene mess, I will try to receive some propagation, and that seems like something to listen for.