1. Rabbitiswise

    BC796D Vista attempting again

    Well I attempting to connect my BC796D to vista again. I am a little closer that in the past. Now the software(BC SS and Scanner Control) Recognize the port(even when i change the port number), but yet it don't pick up speed or that its connect to the pc. Any Ideas?
  2. Rabbitiswise

    BC796D with Vista

    Ok, Going to trying again. Can't seem to get my Dell w/ Vista 32bit to communicate with our BC796D using a RS-232 to USB(RS/gigaware 26-949) I have tried every configuration on the driver and the two do not want to talk to each other, no matter what software. Made sure i had all updated...
  3. S

    Unitrunker on Vista 32 bit

    I just installed Unitrunker on my Vista 32 bit machine after use DOS Trunker for years. I am having a few problems with the program that I hope someone can help me solve. 1. My quality is from 99% to 100% but next to that I am getting the message recording error. What does that mean? 2. Where...
  4. R

    Recording with a laptop and Vista, wtf?

    Alright, I've been recording my scanners for about 2 months or so now, but basically with Windows 2k/XP. But I wish to use my Compaq Presario F739WM laptop with Vista Home Premium. I obviously can only use Mic In, since there is no Line In. Here's the annoying part. I went to Recording...