1. T

    VoIP/Tone Remote Options

    I’m looking into a tone remote system for an EMS station. We’ve used the CPI tone remotes for years. However, I would like to communicate over VoIP, similar to the Motorola MCD 5000. Also looking into alternatives to the Motorola MCD 5000 Radio Gateway Unit.
  2. W

    Echolink radio remote into repeater system

    Hi All, I have installed a Kenwood TM-V71A to provide a remote Echolink feed into my repeater. The problem is that the TM-V71A isn't recognizing or processing over the air DTMF commands. I can call into the radio from a phone or computer with no issues, but not the reverse. I have done the...
  3. P

    Win911 -> VoIP -> NXR-700

    I have an automated verbal alarm that I need to broadcast on an NXR-700 base station. I am interested in using Win911 to create the verbal alarm. My main concern is integrating Win911 with the NXR-700. I am investigating the VoIP capabilities of Win911. Does anyone care to share their...
  4. C


    Has anyone impemented a hardware based solution to add a voip phone patch to a single site mototrbo system? We've done multiple legacy patches (APP), but have been unable to find a solution that doesn't involve any sort of third party software interface.
  5. C

    Phone patch, MOTOtrbo, and VOIP telephone systems

    I've been searching the internet, MOL, and made a couple phone calls on the subject of creating a digital phone patch with either an XPR, MTR, or SLR repeater. We've successfully integrated a patch into a legacy phone system but are finding it difficult to located information on integrating...
  6. V

    Free ShoutCast Servers

    Hey guys, We're looking for feedback on our ShoutCast servers. If you'd like to get a free ShoutCast server, give us a holler. We have limited spots available, so first come, first serve. Drop by voicewinds.com and use the pre-sale contact form. Thanks guys!
  7. dwh367

    My Echolink Operating Tips

    I just thought I'd pass along some operating tips that I've compiled from the experiences of myself and others over the years. These are only suggestions and should be taken as such. 1.) Use the built in firewall test to make sure that your software or hardware firewall is properly...