My Echolink Operating Tips

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Mar 17, 2003
Owensboro, KY (Daviess County)
I just thought I'd pass along some operating tips that I've compiled from the experiences of myself and others over the years. These are only suggestions and should be taken as such.

1.) Use the built in firewall test to make sure that your software or hardware firewall is properly configured for Echolink operation. Improper configuration can cause connection issues to and from other stations.

2.) If you using an internet connection other than your own (i.e. a Wifi Hotspot) and don't have access to the firewall configuration, use one of public proxies that are available.

3.) If you do have to use one of public proxies, don't camp on it as there are more Echolink users than available proxies. Most proxies will only allow you connect for a certain amount of time to keep things fair for everyone. However, there are a few proxies allow you to connect for an unlimited amount of time. Don't take advantage of their generosity.

4.) Use the Echotest conference to adjust your audio level. It should just tickle the yellow on your voice peaks.

5.) If you are going to link to a repeater, don't just set up a link radio on the repeater pair and call it a good job. Use a carrier operated squelch circuit or some form of PL encoding to keep the courtesy beeps, hang timer, repeater ID, etc. from being sent across the internet. Keep all that stuff on the local repeater where it belongs.

6.) Try to keep your transmissions to a 3 minute maximum. People on RF can't disconnect or perform any other type of control functions while they are still in the receive mode.

7.) Wait at least 3 seconds between transmissions to allow any RF links to reset and for those on RF to perform control functions.

8.) When transmitting, wait at least 1 second, to allow any RF links to come up, before talking. Otherwise the first word or two of your sentence can be clipped off.

9.) Use a dedicated PC if you are going to set up a RF link. Bad things can happen otherwise. I once connected to someone who had used Yahoo Messenger to make an internet call and forgot to switch their input back to Echolink. When I connected, their mic was still open and they were yelling and cussing a blue streak at someone. I've also heard audio from DVDs that people were watching on their PC when I connected.

10.) If you set up a RF link, have a way to control it other than from the PC itself. Echolink has a basic remote control function built in. I primarily use Remote Access software but use the built in Echolink remote control as a backup.

11.) Even if you are talking PC to PC, follow the rules and regulations as you would any other time you are on the air. You never know when an RF link will connect in if you are set up to accept multiple connections.

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