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    Firmware Updated Vertex VX-3200U D

    Good evening everyone! I'm looking for the updated firmware of the Vertex Standard VX-3200U-D radio. If any friends have, please send my email to pu2xyt@gmail.com. Thank you very much in advance!!
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    Help: Programming VX-3200U

    I am trying to program a VX-3200U using CE-52E v4.5 I have made sure the com port is correct, but I cannot do anything to the radio and the software acts as if it doesn't even detect the radio. I am using a CT-104 cable, could that be the problem that I need to use a VPL-1 cable instead? Thanks!
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    VX-3200 Programming Issue - "Open Err" message

    Greetings: I am trying to program a VX-3200 using the CE52 (v4.85) software, Windows XP laptop and a USB programming cable. Per my understanding of the programming instructions, I first attempt to download the current programming from the radio with the intent of saving that file, making any...