1. W

    VXD-7200 Time Out Timer? change setting?

    This radio has a preset time out timer. it is 60 seconds. anyone know how to change this setting? I don't see it anywhere in the clone editor. I am running version 4.0 build 28. thanks
  2. F

    VXD-7200 Programming Cable

    Trying to figure out which programming cable I need for our VXD-7200 mobiles. CT-150? CT-151? CT-154? In our installation, I've got easy access to front or rear to plug in. Getting conflicting information from different documentation.
  3. Danny37

    Vertex vxd-7200 dmr programming software

    Does anyone know the name of the software that is specifically for the vertex standard vxd-7200 DMR radio. I searched all over the net but I've only found the name for the P25 version of this radio. It usually starts with a "CE" followed by a number. Thanks for the help!