walkie talkies

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    used motorola cp200

    hi, I recently purchased 25, Motorola cp200 used radios. I bought them from 4 different sources and now I need to program them, bench test them, align them, what would be my best options? how can I make this as cost efficient as possible, I am on a budget.
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    Monitoring DragonCon

    I paid a visit to DragonCon yesterday and noticed a ton of radios being used by the event staff volunteers. I haven't been to the Con in many years, but it seemed as if a lot more radios are being utilized than in years past. I know much of the radio is rented equipment, but it seemed as if...
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    Uhf/vhf dual band portables-new

    Here i have a set of new Dual band portables The following are some of the impressive features the KG-UVD1P. also have a set of vhf portables with 4 group scrambler $ 150 Ea you can see them at my website Woodward Wireless. # Dual Band # Dual Frequency, Dual Display and Dual Standby #...