1. CopperWhopper67

    Channel Table for Walmart RDM2070D

    This radio has a 7 channel capacity, andthe first 5 are MURS. What are the other two? Thanks
  2. T

    Wal-Mart Frequencies and CTCSS, DCS, CSQ or PL Tone?

    Hi There, I'm new to Radio Comms so i need your help with this. I am a Cashier at my local Wal-Mart and i will be a CSM (confirmed) once i turn 18 in Febraury of 2017 and i would like to use my own radio. I also do returns all around the store all the time or a CSM has me watching the Front End...
  3. S

    Walmart MURS.

    Hello, I was curious about Walmarts MURS Channels. I have them programmed in on my Baofeng UV-82 and I can hear them but they cant hear me? Anyway of fixing this? I saw something about turning Duplex to Off on the CHIRP Programming Software but that didn't seem to work. Anyway on ,making it to...
  4. C

    MURS Legality Question

    So after reading some info on the FCC's website reference the use of MURS radios I found myself with a question or two. Here in NC (and many other places from what I read) many WAL-MART stores are using MURS channels for store communications. What I was wondering about is the use of "special" or...
  5. kendrik578

    Bussiness Freq.

    Does anyone have freq. for the walmart stores in Greensboro or any other bussiness Freq. in greensboro area Thanks,