1. P

    DMR in Washington and Holmes Co

    Hi Folks. My brother wants a scanner for his area, PD, FD, EMS, FHP, etc. He was fine with his analog RS handheld, but some of the agencies have gone to DMR. I'm a Ham, but haven't taken the DMR plunge, plus I am in Nevada... So, if you have any tips or insight, or even have a unit for sale...
  2. jtech48

    University Of Washington PD

    I'm visiting Seattle for a week and brought along my HomePatrol to monitor so far I can pick up everything fine, except when im looking at the database, im missing the talkgroup for University Of Washington Police TG 9232, 9296, and 9264. I have the correct service types selected Law-Dispatch...
  3. 902

    Washington, D.C. - Obama Seeks to Expand Airwaves for Wireless Use

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will invest $40 million in the next year and another $60 million over the next five years to free more of the nation’s airwaves for use by consumers in wireless broadband networks, the White House announced Friday. The effort is meant to build on a 2010...
  4. J

    Need to Contact User zPDX

    I work for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and we are a subscribing agency for Washington County Fire and EMS dispatching. We are working with a foundation to develop an application that will include live radio streaming. We are trying to contact the user who is the owner of the RadioReference.com...
  5. B

    Island County (Whidbey Island)

    Hello, I currently live on Whidbey Island and I am able to listen to some communication between ICOM and other's at times. I am not sure if I have all of the frequencies that are used in Island County. Here is a list of what I have programmed: 453.675 Island County Sherriff / Sheriff...
  6. R

    South King County

    I've had Scanners since back when you had to buy the individual Crystals and make sure you put the right color wires in the correct places, to get UHF or VHF. etc. I was much younger then! My Radio Shack scanner that I have in the car is one that I programmed, and input in the talk group...
  7. carddude99

    apco 25 on home patrol by uniden

    I have a Home Patrol. The only apco 25 system is military and it has signal as I can see on the bar, but nothing comes out except a little click noise. Does that mean it is encrypted. Isn't Apco 25 supposed to be recieved on a digital scanner? Anyone from the Northwest, can you help me here...
  8. S

    DC Fire Dept Terminology

    Hi there. New to scanning in DC and the terminology and unit identifiers are somewhat different than the city I am from. Is there a good link or post somewhere that explains not only radio terminology for DC Fire Department but also explains their apparatus terminology? For instance with...
  9. citylink_uk

    Washington: Puget Sound Energy select MPT-IP system from Tait

    Washington state’s largest electric and natural gas utility migrates radio system to IP with Tait "PSE’s Tait solution will feature a 59-site 200MHz MPT-IP network and 2,000 robust Tait 8000 series terminals to replace a VHF conventional network and proprietary 900 MHz system." Tait press release