1. C

    Supplier of Waterbury, Connecticut (USA) Police and Fire Stream [Please Report Issues More In-Depth Here if You Wish]

    Primarily I'm creating this thread to acknowledge and reply to GordonE, who kindly informed me my feed had no audio as of yesterday. I have gone ahead and fixed that - and I apologize as I'm still getting used to SDRTrunk. It's not much like UniTrunker at all, and turns out it's not sufficient...
  2. B

    Best Waterbury/Naugatuck listening?

    Just getting back in to scanning and thought I would see if anyone locally has suggestions. Just today mounted a MFJ Discone ant. great quality product and banging reception.Looking for new freq's that are interesting. Waterbury PD/Fire is LTR Multinet my biggest bummer...oh well. Just running a...
  3. cralt

    Yankee gas and CL&P NU near waterbury

    Hello, Ive been trying to find the active freqs for these 2 utils in waterbury. I looked in the FCC database and they both have a ton of freq's licensed. Does anyone know what the primary ones are? Thanks