1. melona380

    Announcing Trunk-PlayerNG (Next Generation)

    Howdy All, I recently took over Development for Trunk Player and I am happy to announce myself (@maxwellDPS) and @NebraskaCoder are bringing life back to the project! Development is in progress This will be a complete rewrite of Trunk Player, all from scratch! The new version will be all API...
  2. fdnyfish

    Proscan Web Server on iOS

    I set up the Web Server in proscan with my SDS100 and I can see the webpage on my PC. I am unable to see the webpage on my iphone that is connected to the same wifi network as my PC. Is this something that should work on my iPhone and iPad via a browser?
  3. D

    Streaming SDR

    Is there any software that can serve up my rtl2832's, and stream them to a browser. Control the tuners via the browser remotely. I was looking at shiny sdr and was wondering if there is anything like it for a windows machine.
  4. w2lie

    Web Controlled radio at W2LIE.net

    Yep - the subject says it all. I've installed a new radio this past weekend that allows people to use one of my scanners via remote control (currently requires Windows OS) The new radio is an Icom PCR-100 that can monitor frequencies above 30 Mhz. The radio is located on the Nassau /...