1. A

    Where did QRG.GT.CX global frequency website go?

    Hello all, I remember and had bookmarked a frequency website with the address QRG.GT.CX that I remember had a global frequency “address book” that was also user-contributed and you could search for XXX.XXX MHz frequency or Location/Country. A very nice website that was one of the only ones I...
  2. amoking

    Is rfinder down for others?

    I used it in August but I cannot access it today. Tried on Firefox, Edge and my phone's browser. Yes, I checked my firewalls. The web says there are no issues with their url. Trying to map repeaters along a route for an upcoming trip that I'll program via RT Systems. TM-V71A.
  3. W

    New website hosting DMR codeplugs

    I have created a website in the hopes to get and host codeplugs for every State in the US. I'll need your help as a community to be the most helpful to the Amateur Radio operators. I have a basic site up and running and have a few codeplugs that I have found. It is certainly a work in progress...
  4. SamAltenberger

    Embedding Feed in a Webpage

    Greetings all, I noticed that the current method on Broadcastify for embedding a feed in an external webpage is to use an iFrame. Does anyone know if there are any alternative embedding options that resemble more of a "regular" website widget/code rather than just an embedded iFrame? Many thanks!
  5. AK4FD

    Win500: Website issues?!?

    Is anybody else having issues with the StarrSoft website? I've been trying to download Win500 for a few days now and keep getting Page Not Available website errors... I've tried it from 3 different laptops and my phone... Did he take the site down or something? Anybody know where I can get...
  6. C

    Metadata on embedded player?

    Is there any embedded player I can use that will show the metadata? As a side note, I use RadioFeed as my source. Maybe a way to grab this info directly from RadioFeed if there isn't a embedded player that can do this?
  7. C

    Needing a hosting website

    Yesterday I found out that the person who has been running our scanner feed in town is calling it quits after 10 years. There have been a lot of posts from people saying that they do not want the site to go. I have decided to take over and host the feed, but the only problem is, I am not...
  8. K

    Stream Live Feed Data to Website

    I've been on RR for years now, mostly just listening with the occasional forum browsing. Love the site. Finally decided to be more active and provide some feeds and play around. I'm a web developer and love to tinker with anything electronic. I like to integrate and match things that aren't...
  9. rlocone

    Streaming content?

    Hello All! What scanner supports streaming it's content to a website? I'd like to stream my scanner output to my website. I've seen site out there that can perform this function. Thanks for your time & attention,