west virginia

  1. Mountaineer304

    Needing help with a scanner asap

    Hey there fellow scanner heads I've been wanting to get a nice top of the line scanner for my area I live in Kingwood,WV 26537 but travel to 26505 and up and down i79.. I'd love some thing thats capable of picking up the most it can, from state police to healthnet and local dispatch any help...
  2. Mountaineer304

    Looking to get back into scanning, p-25 phase 2

    Hey there title kinda lays it out, I've been wanting to get back into scanning for a while but here in North central WV everything has went digital p25 phase 2... So I'm 100% new to that and need some direction lol any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. M

    Berkeley County WV pager tone outs

    Hello. I'm trying to find a list of fire station pager tone outs for the stations in Berkeley County, WV. I have looked everywhere on the internet and was unable to find them. Does anyone have a list of tones for the fire stations for programming my monitor V?
  4. E

    west virginia sirn programming freq

    does anybody have a list to share of countys on the system I got my xts5000 back from 911 center and they forgot to program some counties in my portable any help or links would be great
  5. H

    Pro-106: Just can't find info RE: Conv channels.

    I got a Pro-106 and Pro-2096. I used info from RR to program. I am hearing things, but want to have better control. I might just not be seeing or making it harder than it needs to be. Here is my issue. I am in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Berkeley County. It is SIRN P25. I hear the County...
  6. hfd7

    Huntington, West Virginia

    I am requesting that Administration add the city of Huntington to the database and link map of the state of West Virginia. Huntington is the second largest city in the state and feeds are active and are provided for the fire and police departments as well as Marshall University police...
  7. S

    A frequency for WAARS and Weirton Fire?

    Lately, I have heard Weirton Fire talk to dispatch about info they received from WAARS on their communication channel. I take that to mean that WAARS and Weirton Fire have a new frequency that JUST those two agencies speak to each other on. Does anyone happen to know what that frequency is? Any...
  8. A

    Huntington, WV

    Hello, I thought I would pass along that I have setup a feed that covers Huntington, WV and portions of Lawrence County, Ohio over at scanamerica.us. Scanner can be accessed from either of these links http://cabell.wv.scanamerica.us/index.php http://lawrence.oh.scanamerica.us/index.php...