1. Z

    Kenansville Woods Fire

    Kenansville Jesse Pearsall Road 15 acre woods fire, very fast spreading 3 total departments working, plus NC Forestry Scout and water tanker planes working Multiple houses threatened with engines setup for protection. Audio on broadcastify
  2. M

    Waterbomber Wildfire Tracker App - Tracking Aerial Wildland Fire Aircraft Tankers - Powered By ADSBexchange Data

    Waterbomber Wildfire Tracker App - Powered by ADSBexchange ADS-B Data. Firefighting aircraft are among the mightiest planes of the sky. Not only do they help save lives and protect properties, they are also incredible to see in action. Now you can follow them all from the comfort of your own...
  3. bhall7

    Wildfire Freqs

    Anyone know what frequencies are in use for whenever there’s a wildfire? There’s an active fire right now in Utah Valley, and is like to monitor the progress of their efforts. I found 127.4750, which seems to be the air coordinator “Air Tac” channel. Thanks!
  4. zerg901

    WI 2020 a/a a/g wildfire channels

    from the 2020 Eastern Area freq map (the map has been posted in the Federal Forum) A/G - 168.125 - 168.3125 - 168.175 A/A - 122.925 - 135.925 I did not see these listed in the RRDB under WI so I figured I should post them here
  5. L

    New Wildfire Santa Paula/Somis/South Mountain, Ventura County California

    A wildfire broke out 10/31/19 on South Mountain. Now 8,360 acres, structures burned, 1,800 structures threatened. Massive aircraft order starting at sunrise, with 3 VLAT, 10 helicopters, multiple airplane air attack and retardant dropping aircrafts. Live audio on: Ventura County Fire, Los...
  6. F

    VA Stars System Dept of forestry

    I got a new bcd536HP scanner about a month ago and monitor the stars system mostly and was wandering if anyone was getting any activity on the dept of forestry TGs i used to here them give the weather to the foresters in the morning when they were analog is anyone hereing any activity on them my...
  7. spectr17

    Sierra Fire Fontana Area Oct 26 2012

    Named the Sierra Fire. Looks like it's gonna be a tough one with the winds there. Location: I-15 and Sierra Ave, Fontana Area Acres: 50-100+ ROS: Moderate ROC: 1 structure threatened. Structures: are threatened Special Hazards: Resources: BDF along with BC31, 34, BDF CREW 3, Del Rosa IHC, SHF...
  8. RadioGuy1951

    Ponderosa Fire, Manton, CA

    Ponderosa Fire Incident Information: Last Updated: August 20, 2012 7:00 pm Date/Time Started...
  9. k6scm

    Cal Fire 'Sites Complex' Wildfire Monitoring Info

    The 'Sites Complex' wildfire is burning at the Coastal Range's merge into the Central Valley platte & foothills of rural Colusa county on the border with Lake & Glenn counties. It is currently 10% contained at nearly 2500 acres within extremely hazardous, difficult/rugged terrain. There is...
  10. S

    Weber Fire (was Wildland fire in the Mancos area)

    There is a wildland fire in the Mancos area (Between Durango and Cortez). Unknown size currently - reported as over 100 acres a few hours ago and it is definitely spreading to the east at this time. Many evacuations either completed or in progress. Almost all Montezuma county agencies are now...
  11. B

    Wildfire Season

    I'm getting ready to program a couple radios with the hope of being able to monitor fire crews working wildfires in Michigan. Other than individual county dispatch frequencies and local fire departments, are there any other frequencies that i should be monitoring? Any statewide VHF/UHF...
  12. G

    Martin County-Large Brush Fire- 5/10/09

    Martin County Fire Rescue is working a large wildfire in the area of I-95 and 714, Florida Division of Forestry, Okeechobee 3 is reporting all equipment in his district is commited. St. Lucie Fire Rescue has responded a task force with command structure for mutual aid to Martin County...