win 97

  1. U

    Error message received when using WIN97

    I keep getting the following when I log into web import on Win97: XML error detected: no element found near: ^ while requesting URL: Anyone have any ideas?
  2. M

    Please help before i use my scanner to hurt someone!!!!

    I have a pro 164 and i would like to trunk more than one system in the same bank. Both systems are motorola and i am using win 97. Is this humanly possible??
  3. rad1oreference

    Win 97

    I'm entering some frequencies in my Pro-164 and came across CSQ What do I select in Win97 if a frequency is listed as for example 155.6767 CSQ. In the Rx column in Win 97 what do I select? Thanks
  4. S

    Trying to program pro97 with win 97 for talk groups

    I am trying to put in Montgomery county, Maryland Police talk groups using the web import--->trunked systems in the win 97 menu. Once I get them imported into win 97, I then choose to upload to scanner. ( See Screenshot ) They appear to load fine. But I can’t seem to scan the talk groups. If I...