1. Schwartzm9039

    WIN97 - Serial port comm to PC/IF on the PRO97 (Baud, parity, stop bits, etc)

    Does anyone set a particular baud rate, stop bit, and parity setting when using WIN97 [on Windows 2000, or XP] with the OEM Radio Shack PC/IF to serial cable? Does WIN97 prefer to be registered and paid for to work correctly during the evaluation period? I keep a laptop with a dual boot system...
  2. C

    Pro-164: Programing Trunked System using Win97

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me. Ok so basically I have a pro-164 and also have the software Win97. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to program a trunked motorola II system into Win97, I have searched the internet, forums and I just cant find anything. Somebody please help me...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    Win95 data conversion to Win97 data...???

    Hello... Is there a way to convert the ".P95" files used with Win95 to whatever format the ".P97" files are for the Win97 program...??? Please help...I'm trying to save myself a lot of tedious work... 73 de ke6vga :roll:
  4. B

    Pro-2055 All Channels Locked Out - Please Help!!

    I programmed a scanner for a friend a few months ago with Win97. Worked great. I've probably programmed half a dozen Pro-97/2055 scanners over the last few years for myself or others. But something happened to his scanner this week. It suddenly just reset. Now, when you hit "Scan", it gives...
  5. WX9RLT

    WIN97 problem

    I am having a problem with WIN97 It keeps crashing on me when i am trying to do the web import features. It will allow me to do it for a few minutes, then it crashes. Anyone else have this problem? How can I fix this problem?
  6. F

    Newbie here

    I am in the Charleston area and just got a RS Pro164. I also have Win97. Is there a place that I can get some more detailed info on usingWin97? It is quite lacking.. I guess I need some basic scanner 101 --
  7. rad1oreference

    Win 97 Rx Mode

    Win 97 has the following Rx Modes: AM FM MOT EDACS CT DC LTR When are the modes used. Most frequencies don't specify if it's AM or FM. For example what is aviation frequency? AM or FM? etc . Can anyone shed some light on that? Thanks