windows 7

  1. MikeTheListener

    AR-DV1 ACARS decoding software for Windows

    Hello everyone, after having had good experiences with decoding HFDL signals on shortwave, I wanted to try the ACARS signals in the VHF aeronautical radio band. Unfortunately, I can't find any good software that runs under Windows (preferably WIN 7). Either these are all so old that they can...
  2. frmichaud

    W indows 7/64 Driver problem HELP

    I have a major problem with my BCD536HP, when I connect it to my computer HP windows 7/64 with the USB cable it use a driver called WPD FileSystem Volume Driver and the screen of 536 turn black, only solution is to power OFF and ON to return the 536 to life Just before the 536 screen goes...
  3. frmichaud

    Driver problem with Windows 7/64

    I just bought a brand new BCD536HD and dowlnloaded the firmware upgrade and pay and install the DMR and Provoice upgrades When I want to connect the BCD to my computer W7/64 I entered in MASS STORAGE mode but the BCD is not seen by the Sentinel software I check Device Manager and see that...
  4. M

    SDR program shuts down but won't clear out of memory

    I have a new RTL-SDR R820T2 and it is acting weird with my Windows 7 computer. SDRSharp and HDSDR will run OK but then suddenly the program crashes and the window closes, but the program still shows as active in the task manager. When I try to start it again, or the other SDR program that one...
  5. C

    PCR 1500 distorted audio

    I'm having an issue with my pcr1500. After installing the updated software for windows 7, I noticed that the audio is overdriving and distorted... I tried re installing the software to no avail. All other functions of the radio work fine, just annoying and a tough listen... Any help would be...
  6. J

    FreeScan and Proscan won't install on Windows 7

    Problem: Freescan AND Proscan will not install and/or run on my Windows 7 machine. The install process seems to move very quickly and the progress bar speeds to about 1/4 of the way, then it looks like it just shuts down. With freescan, it says it's installed and the icon is there. When I try...
  7. J

    Freescan Windows 7 install problem

    Hello. I'm new here since getting my new BCD996XT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) When I unzip, just one file is the result: fssetup217.exe. I run fssetup and it seems to run normally, except for incomplete progress bar while installing. It blinks out fast and then says it's installed... icon is...
  8. cj5

    Sorcerer issue

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, as I've asked elsewhere in the community, and it's been fairly quiet. Anyhow, I am using Sorcerer-setup-1.0.0.exe, and it opens up, showing up in the taskbar, and their is a process running for it, but alas there's not visible window showing...
  9. spectr17

    ScannerCast stopped working, Windows 7 & Microsoft Net Framework.

    Never mind, got it fixed.
  10. J

    RS Pro-197 Programming Issues

    Hello All, I just got a PRO-197 scanner as an early X-mas present! I was so excited when I got it home last night and started programming it. I am running into 2 problems though, even though I have been able to program a few frequencies on my own. I cannot get any software to interface with...
  11. A

    error 2 on vx 354

    while using ce86, windows 7, and prolific pl2303 usb cable, I have received an error 2 on my radio. The volume has been turned up all the way when programing. The data from the radio can be downloaded, but when I try to upload the new data, I receive a communications error on my pc and an...
  12. jyams

    PCR1500 Windows 7 64bit Solution

    Thanks to helpful posts here and at Icom, I have been able to get my PCR1500 to function in Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Here's what you do: 1. If you already have installed the USB drivers and software trying to get the 1500 to work, uninstall everything, especially the drivers. Unplug the...