1. WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    In Excellent Condition, G313e High Sensitivity DX receiver, HF/MW/LW receiver. USB 2 runs on Win10, 32 & 64 as well as older OS's. This model was typically used by Government and professional organizations around the world. CD with current SW USB Cable 12v Power Supply Asking $825 Shipped...

    Winradio Software update wish list.

    We all have our list for Santa. What would you like to see? My wishes are all for the Excalibur pro, since that is the only Winradio product I own. 1. Zero button ( to Zero last three digits with just one click) 2. Slider bar for adjusting the Pallete Gravity and bottom- That right clicking...
  3. F

    New Wideband Future Radios? New Winradio Models?

    Is anyone aware of any new wide coverage HF - UHF radios under development? Imagine an RFSpace NetSDR or Alfedri SDR-Net with .01 - 1800 Mhz coverage with all of Winradio's software options like their digital suite, trunking, APCO P25 digital, etc. There are still not many options that compete...
  4. F

    winradio 1550e usb driver

    i try to install my old winradio 1550e receiver but have no usb software . can anybody help me?

    New Winradio Software Ver 1.89 out today

    For everyone using the Excalibur pro G33ddc. New software ver 1.89 has been relased and is ready for download. Try this link WiNRADiO Software Download for Windows Enjoy Tony N2QHC
  6. D

    Winradio G305 APCO trunking problem

    I am experiencing a problem with ATO (Advanced Trunking Option) plugin on Winradio G305e SDR receiver. The ATO and APCO P25 plugins are purchased and installed. The APCO plugin is succesfully decoding conventional transmissions and ATO plugin is working with EDACS, SmartNet and MPT1327...
  7. F

    Is the WinRADIO WR-G305i for real.

    The factory specs say the receiver has - IP3 of 0 dBm @ 20 kHz - Spurious-free Dynamic Range of 90 dB This is "smoking hot" for use in high RF environments. Are these specs REAL?
  8. johnelle

    WinRadio upgrade not going well

    The old machine that hosted my Winradio 1000i board finally wouldn't boot so I decided to upgrade to a 305e. I am trying to get it to scan 15 local UCF public safety channels. Running it alongside my BC898t and I am having a lot of trouble getting it to stop on channels even though I have a...