1. daugherh

    Motorola XPR5550 Install Advice

    Hey guys, I appreciate all the advice I've received so far and hoping y'all don't mind throwing out some more advice for a first time install that I want to do right. I should be receiving everything in the mail here soon. Right now, I'm installing a single XPR5550 high power UHF but will soon...
  2. M

    Centracom gold elite information

    First things first: I fully understand that if I don't know what I'm doing I should just give up now, I understand that the gold elite system is extremely difficult to setup and probably won't work properly. With that being said, Background: I am a volunteer for a small department that has a...
  3. L

    2012 Impala Police install question

    I recently purchased a 2012 Impala police car. I am installing 2 scanners in it. I found information in a manual that came from GM that you can connect aftermarket radio equipment to the car stereo speakers. After a little digging, I found the wires in the passenger/front foot well. It...
  4. W

    Wiring Problems

    Hello. I've had a CB in my truck for almost a year now. I originally had it wired in to the fuse box which worked great until I started to get alternator whine. I then wired it directly to the battery, which got rid of the whine but brought on some other problems. My radio works fine when I'm...
  5. V

    CB and Scanner install on 2011 Frontier 4x4

    Hello all, I'd like to share my mobile setup. I've seen many ugly/incorrect/dangerous installs of CB radios, ham radios, scanners, antennas, etc around online, so here's my setup and a little bit of how it was done to maybe provide some reference for anyone looking to accomplish a similar...
  6. 5stormchasers

    External ham radio speaker for the chase vehicle

    Here are a few pics of the install of the external speaker for my Yaesu 7900! Before.. The joys of splicing wire! Le's hide this wire under that step... Speaker mounted under the vehicle! Hooking up the switch! Place the switch in a compartment, and we are done!
  7. S

    Toyota 4runner Scanner Install

    So, a few months ago, I tried to wire up my Uniden BCT15X scanner in my 4runner. I was told that I should wire it to the accessory port on the fuse block. So, I did, and went away for a minute, came back with smoke pouring out of my dash. Unbolted the dash as quickly as I could, after yanking...
  8. A

    2006 Impala ignition wiring

    I have a 2006 Chevy Impala LS civilian package and I am trying to wire a Motorola CDM1250 radio, FT-90R, and a GPS to the ignition. Does anyone know where I can "tap" into the fuse panel with fuse taps? I want everything to turn on with the ignition. PLEASE HELP!!
  9. A

    need spectra speaker wiring diagram: A9 Model

    hi everybody, I would like a link to a diagram for my spectra A9 thats shows the speaker wiring configuration; or just reply if you know it by heart. the model number is: T45ZXA5JC9AK thanks, Alex