1. K2NEC

    XPR XPR5550 has trouble powering up

    So I have an XPR5550 in my car and I have noticed that on some days it refuses to power up. At first I didn't notice much of a pattern but now it seems that if my car is too hot or too cold it won't power up until my car gets running. I brought the radio inside to test on my power supply to try...
  2. Gmork

    2018 Dodge Durango Install

    I installed a Motorola XPR5550 in my vehicle. I attached a handheld control head (HCH), which is kept the in the center console for easy storage. Radio chassis is mounted under the driver seat in a storage box. The vehicle battery is under the passenger seat in the same style box. I routed the...
  3. M

    XPR5550 HHCH extension cable - HDMI?

    Hey All, Installing an XPR5550 into my truck. I've got the handheld control head (PLMN7131A) and need to get about 3 feet more on the cable to mount the radio where I'd like. The /\/\othership sells a 16 foot extension cable, which is going to be WAY too much cable (and money). Looking at...
  4. I

    XPR RADIO "locks out" and does not transmit

    Good Afternoon, please can anyone help,one of my XPR5550 heavy use channels on my linked capacity plus system stops transmitting after a while( as i can monitor this on turbo watch), i know the radio is good because all my other channels work fine, and code plug is good because that works fine...