1. K2NEC

    XPR scanning issue?

    So I am trying to scan a frequency that is DMR with CC11 TS1 and TG1 (as far as I know). On my MD380 I can decode the conversation just fine with or without promiscuous mode on however on my XPR6550 it shows that it is receiving a signal but doesn't want to decode almost as if it had RAS on it...
  2. K2NEC

    XPR6550 Emergency

    Hello! I am trying to get my XPR6550 and my TYT MD-380 to work together when I press the man down button. I have the "emergency decode" fields checked and my issue is that my XPR WILL decode the man down on my designated emergency channel, however, my MD-380 WILL NOT decode the packet but does...
  3. A

    XPR 6550 LTR Trunking

    Hello RR World, I've not posted before, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure if I'm posting in the right area or if it's been answered, but I really need some help on programming an 6550 to do LTR. I am a beginner and trying to trouble shot my way through this for work. First off, I am...
  4. T

    XPR 6550 TORX™ T6 screwdriver

    Hello, I am needing to open my 6550 to change the housing. Will the following screw driver work for the screws. https://www.amazon.ca/Torx-Screwdriver-Set-T10-T15/dp/B00CL6UAAG What does everyone recommend. Thanks, AP
  5. dunnmac

    XPR6550 Programming Questions

    I just programmed an XPR6550 UHF1 using the latest version of CPS (13). The software would not allow for the programming of 25 kHz analog. I've read that I can get an EID from Motorola to allow this, but that info was from 2012. Is this still the case? Also, I set scan groups and a scan...