xts 2500

  1. hsmcco

    Astro 25 Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol

    I've been trying to find the post on batlabs for the breakdown of what each flashcode option does but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what the Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol does? Is this for trunked systems?
  2. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  3. Lakes_Region_Comms

    XTS2500 Quick Call Paging

    Hi Everybody! I have a xts-2500 that I would like to set up for QC-II Paging, I have set everything (I believe) properly, and it still won't kick the radio to alert or unmute. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank You In Advance!
  4. E

    Vehicular adapter for XTS 2500?

    Hi folks, I was looking recently at those old NTN8560F vehicular adapters, or the newer NTN8560G. Very cheap to find on ebay and would be pretty nice for my 5000. However, I have some 2500s and I was wondering if anybody has every tried using one with the vehicular adapter. I assume the size...
  5. F

    XTL2500 VHF Codeplug Request

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a XTL2500 that was brand new in box. I'm currently waiting on it to arrive and I'd like to get a head start on the programming and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me a codeplug for it so I can get started. I would really appreciate it...
  6. K2NEC

    Difference between XTS1500 and XTS2500?

    Is there a significant difference between an XTS1500 M1.5 and an XTS2500 M1.5? Or an XTS1500 M1 and an XTS2500 M1?
  7. Z

    Poor Sound Quality

    I recently purchased a Motorola XTS 2500i in 7/800 P25 for the Ohio MARCS system. The radio was programmed by a government affiliated company, due to the radio needing a specific ID. The radio is extremely quiet when receiving transmissions. It almost sounds as if the radio is turned all the way...
  8. zacsharpe

    XTS5000/2500 tuning/alignment

    I have an XTS5000 and an XTS2500. I noticed that the XTS5000 gets a garbled voice and sometimes the transmissions get clipped. The XTS2500 seems to work fine. This leads me to believe that the 5000 needs a tuning. I'm new to the tuning/alignment world. I have a buddy, that has helped me a great...
  9. zacsharpe

    XTS2500 Possible Panter88 Radio?

    I did not buy my XTS2500 directly from panter, when I got it I noticed that the case was bowed out and exposed the gasket. Upon my discovery I opened the case and noticed that the metal piece that holds in the keypad was not sitting correctly. I corrected the mistake and now I am concerned about...
  10. I

    XTS5000 Information:

    I have an older unit, model 1, and was wondering what the 3 position switch is used for on other people's radios. My switch is currently un-programmed
  11. C

    xts 2500

    Hi, I am having some scan issues or programmer error. Recently programmed my xts 2500 for analog and digital frequencies. I placed them in the scan list. When I turn on scan mode and select the digital frequencies for scan they don't scan. The scan symbol shows on the screen, but no...
  12. C

    Motorola xts 2500

    Hi, I am new to the Motorola xts 2500 p25 radio. I just have one General question with this radio. How do you get the battery indicator to display on the screen. I have an impres battery that is fully charged. I looked everywhere in the cps and cannot find a solution. Thank you Cody
  13. D

    XTS 2500 group Paging

    Hello, We currently use A25 UHF in WV. My agency is wanting to alert groups of mobiles and portables over our trunking system. I am currently able to page individual radios using astro25 from an XTS2500 Model III using the keypad to enter the target radio's "Call List ID" number. This works...
  14. K

    Motorola XTS 2500 with P25

    So I'm hoping someone can help me out here. My dept uses mostly all conventional UHF channels, however for interop reasons we have to add some P25 digital channels to our radios now. I have the radios almost programmed to where I need them. However I'm having issues imputing the NAC's for the...
  15. A

    XTS2500 Transmit Tones

    Hi Everyone, I remember reading on here somewhere that it was possible to transmit quik call tones from the XTS 2500. I cannot find that thread for the life of me. If someone could explain how to set it up in cps or could point me to the proper thread that would be a huge help. Thanks
  16. B

    Xts 2500 fpp

    I have searched to the extent of my Google ability with no avail. I have a Motorola XTS 2500 with FPP when programming the radio how do you enter a PL/DPL such as D236N. are the letters dropped from the DPL or is there a conversion? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. S

    Trouble with a motorola

    Idk where this post fits in so here it goes Have a Motorola xts2500 and I want to use it for work so I used a scanner to get the freq and prog it In It has the fpp option I can hear the other radio on mine and when I go to talk on my radio the other radio won't pick it up. But when I hit the...
  18. M

    Motorola Fire Ground System

    My fire department recently started using the Motorola Fire Ground System with our radio's (XTS 2500). We are trying to use the Fire Ground system along with MDC identifers. I am being told that since the Fire Ground system is a digital that the MDC is turned off when this is enabled. I would...