1. R

    Invalid Frequency CPS

    Trying to program my XTS-5000 everything’s working but when I type in the frequency it comes up red box and won’t let me write. They are typed in correctly, new to this any help would be great!
  2. SignalEmitter5000

    IMPRES batteries & “Rem. Cap”

    What is the significance of the “Rem. Cap” followed by random numbers? I see this on my IMPRES batteries but have never been told or informed by anybody or through any Google searches of its meaning. I’ve assumed it was how many charges the battery would support, comparable to the estimated...
  3. S

    ASTRO 25 Portable CPS RX freq invalid

    Hi all, I'm having issues trying to program a certain freq into my XTS5000 (800MHz P25 equip) When I insert 806.0125 into the RX freq it pops up as invalid, any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks
  4. P

    XTS5000 Internal speaker sounds broken?

    I've been having this issue where when I hit high tones on my radio, I hear almost a mosquito sound during high notes like the speaker very lightly rattling the housing and it distorts voice sometimes when i turn up the volume and it gets louder. It's very frustrating and I hope I get a point to...
  5. I

    Stupid Question (XTS5000)

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another stupid question!!!! I have a bunch of Model I, Model II, and Model III parts (cases, buttons, keypads, LCDs, etc.) and was wondering if I would be able to take the unit itself out of the Model I shell and attach an LCD and keypad to it and pop it into a Model...
  6. J

    XTS5000R quit working after battery died?

    I've been using this to feed our feed for a few years, sitting in a charger base. Had to replace the battery once about 1-1/2 years ago. Recently something was happening and their boss said to meet him on another channel so he could chew their asses. I picked the radio out of the charger...