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    ASTRO 25 Portable CPS RX freq invalid

    Hi all, I'm having issues trying to program a certain freq into my XTS5000 (800MHz P25 equip) When I insert 806.0125 into the RX freq it pops up as invalid, any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks
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    XTS5000 Internal speaker sounds broken?

    I've been having this issue where when I hit high tones on my radio, I hear almost a mosquito sound during high notes like the speaker very lightly rattling the housing and it distorts voice sometimes when i turn up the volume and it gets louder. It's very frustrating and I hope I get a point to...
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    Stupid Question (XTS5000)

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another stupid question!!!! I have a bunch of Model I, Model II, and Model III parts (cases, buttons, keypads, LCDs, etc.) and was wondering if I would be able to take the unit itself out of the Model I shell and attach an LCD and keypad to it and pop it into a Model...
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    XTS5000R quit working after battery died?

    I've been using this to feed our feed for a few years, sitting in a charger base. Had to replace the battery once about 1-1/2 years ago. Recently something was happening and their boss said to meet him on another channel so he could chew their asses. I picked the radio out of the charger...