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    Chirp Error with York County

    I am trying to Import from Datasource on Chirp To program a Boafeng UV-5R, Every other county that ive tried works except Zipcodes from York County Maine. I get the error <unknown>:1:2125: not well-formed (invalid token) Ive tried on Windows and Linux and get the same error. Any help would be...
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    New Member-York County, SC

    Hello all, New member here. I've been a long time scanner owner and listener. Over the past several years since most everything around my area went to the trunked system I've listened to online broadcasts. Now I am ready to purchase my own digital scanner. I am looking at the Bearcat BCD...
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    Pennsylvania Going OpenSky?

    I was searching the internet for a compatible scanner for Dauphin County EMA and came across a warning stating, "Pennsylvania will soon convert to OpenSky." Could someone clarify or debunk this myth that the entire commonwealth is converting? I realize that York Co uses Harris and that Lebanon...