1. K

    2005 Yukon Denali install

    Here are some pics for my 2005 Yukon Denali install.. - FT-8800R for 2m/70cm - voice and scanning - FT-2800M/Argent OT2m for APRS - Moto Maxrads for ATCS 2 each - AOR 8200 mkIII - 2 each for scanning Will post pics of "go-kit" tomorrow...built it out of a rubbermaid 10 gal container...
  2. J

    My mobile setup

    I've got a Radio Shack PRO-197 scanner and a Galaxy DX-959 CB mounted up in my '04 Yukon XL 2500. I have a 108" whip in the back for my CB, soon to be replaced by a roof mount Wilson 5000, and a mag-mount scanner antenna from Radio Shack, not installed at the time I took the exterior pictures...
  3. I

    Yukon Install

    So this is a Yukon we did. It was mostly done from my coworker, but I gave my help in wiring the power. It is a full dash mount MCS2000, not a remote mount. He had to cut away behind there where the tray is usually at. He did the cutting and fitting. He does this all the time, and (sucking in...