396T & Discriminator Tap

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Aug 1, 2011
In looking at the web site "discriminator.nl" I found that the BC369T (did not have a “D” in the title) was the only Uniden scanner listed that for "Baseband Audio Pin" it stated “DISC OUT”.

Anyone know what that means?

Could it be that on the circuit board there is a place labeled “Disc Out” (discriminator Output)?

I am just interested as I have plenty of scanners that I can tap for discriminator audio without performing surgery on my BCD396T. Also, The RR Wiki does not list a BC396T so perhaps it is a typo as far as the name goes.

It is to bad that my unmodified BCD396XT which works great with Pro96com does not have true discriminator audio out too but a technician told me that adding such a port to an expensive radio could lead to all kinds of support problems (both performance and hardware longevity problems) for the manufacturer.
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