4-bay VHF dipole array project

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Jan 6, 2009
Thanks for the input, everyone! I really appreciate it. I wasn't sure if 4 dipoles in that configuration that Sinclair had would offer any improvement over the typical 4 dipole array. Sounds like the "typical" 4 dipole array, as show in prcguy's excellent tutorial, is going to be a better fit, especially if the Sinclair type configuration would require twice as many dipoles for the same gain (maybe a slightly more omni-directional pattern?).

I just ordered parts tonight to start building phasing harnesses and building a dipole array.

Anyone heard of this company? They have F female tees for 39 cents, currently on sale for $.09!! I ordered 50. I will let you know how they look:
Gender Changer F Connectors | MPJA.COM

Sounds like Beldin Snap-n-Seal is a good choice for connectors and I ordered a pack of 50 of those as well. Found a decent compression crimper at Lowes, the cpfpct-596:

Gonna get one of those this week after some parts start coming in. I will probably use my standard weather proofing but do these Snap-n-Seal connectors make a good, at least semi-water tight connection?

Thanks again everyone, especial PRCGUY!


Jun 18, 2015
Build dimensions for UHF version, please

If you follow the design exactly for the frequency you need you will be pleased with the results. I have built a UHF version of this antenna and it is the best UHF antenna I have or ever had. I have mine configured as omni directional. It fits perfectly on a 10ft mast. My SWR is below 1.8:1 from 440-470MHz. It really pulls in the signals and I get excellent signal reports on 440.
Hi, Skypilot007!

I hope this thread is still active and somehow I get a reply... I also posted one to PRCGUY who started this wonderful build project (for VHF)...

What are the final build dimensions for your UHF version? The phasing harness calculations on PRCGUY's instructions will give UHF dimensions, but I am interested in spacing dimensions (between dipoles) and the distance from mast (of each dipole). How did these turn out for you?

Thanks in advance!

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