978 Mhz UAT decoding


Jul 22, 2018
I recently discovered that my local airport (YOW) is one of the few that has a 978Mhz UAT ground stations in Canada as per Canadian Weather Uplink Project , they even have a picture of the station at the airport and there is a entry for it on the Canadian license look up.

My previous ADS-B decoding is limited to dump 1090 . I want to decode 978Mhz just locally to see what they are broadcasting on it currently as it seems newish for Canada.

What is the best software currently for decoding 978 UAT? I am using ubuntu but can also use windows 10 no problem. from my limited searching I have found dump 978 ( the flightaware fork looks updated?) im just wondering what people are using. I just want to look at the info locally and not upload it as I do not have LOS to this and I will have to make a trip to the airport probably to RX.
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