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996T UASD / Multisite Bandplan question??

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Dec 19, 2002
Los Altos, CA
My understanding from Wayne (the resident TRS expert) is that a multisite system must share a common base/step/offset...

It is with this understanding that I ask...

Why does UASD support different b/s/o for each site in a multisite system??


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Dec 16, 2000
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I believe it's just been passed down from earlier development. It provides flexibility in case things change. A safer approach if you will...

In reality there can be multiple base and offsets but that only exists in a SZ OmniLink network. Each Zone (differentiated by system id) will have its own b/s/o. Look at the Aussie GRN network for example. Though each Zone/SysID has its own ZC and its own subscriber database. So you may or may not want to link OmniLink sites; some systems it won't matter as they'll config them to work together and not rely on tresspassing.

(For the anally retarted we're speaking strictly of 3600 here.)

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