Adjustments to the antennas forums?

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Can we possibly get an antennas forum for the HF/MW/LF area? Currently antenna questions get mixed in the mire of the HF general forum which makes them hard to find without searching (yes, I totally agree folks should learn to use the search tools, but there's an old saying about leading a horse to water...). I've decided, for the moment, to move such threads to the scanner/receiver antenna forum, but there too, there's something of a mish-mosh, although it is a far more relevant place for them

Such a forum should be described as being separate from the Amateur Antennas forum (although I do agree that many are dual purpose). If that's done, then the scanner/receiver antennas forum could concentrate on scanner/wide band receiving antennas, and the threads currently there that are directly HF (or lower) related could be moved to the new one. I can wade through those threads if need be.

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