ALE ALE Decoding via Kiwi SDRs


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
From the UDXF reflector and Martin in SW UK; any transcription errors are entirely mine;
After I initially requested it a few years ago, John Seamons, the KiWi web sdr developer, is about to release a 2G ALE decoder extension that will be a standard feature on the worldwide network of KiWi WEB SDR's

Wideband shortwave radio receiver map

He is asking for input on the KiWi forum, regarding what features you would like to see being included.

ALE 2G extension: what now? (your input requested)

This sounds like a good opportunity for anyone with an interest in ALE monitoring to flag up their wish list.

Please contribute if you can, as it's taken some time to get to this point :)

For those unfamiliar with this mode;