Antennas recomendations


Sep 19, 2020
I would like recommendations of 3 types of antennas, I could say that I am exclusively interested in the air band.

I live in a neighborhood with 700 houses, surrounded by hills and a lot of vegetation far from the city.

I currently have an icom Ic-R5 Sport scanner with a Diamond SRH77CA antenna but I can hear little, I live 24 miles from the airport.

The 3 types of antenna I am looking for are:

1- An antenna for indoor or outdoor (if it is not very big, since it is very difficult to install it on the roof, two-level house).

2- An antenna to mount on the Icom to replace the Diamond SRH77CA.

3- A mobile antenna, one that can walk in the vehicle or wherever you Want.

If you think I should change my scanner, you could recommend one, always analog and handheld and not very expensive.

Thank you very much for your help, greetings from El Salvador, Central America.


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May 15, 2003
Portland, Oregon
You’re going to struggle to hear the tower, ground control, etc, from an airport that is 24 miles away. My sense is that land-based air traffic stations don’t run a lot of power, because they don’t need to. Everyone they’re trying to communicate with is either on the ground nearby, or up in the air. Line of sight, no obstructions. Their antennas aren't located on hilltops either. Again, no need. You on the other hand have 24 miles of obstructions between you and their not-very-high transmitter antennas. IF you can get their signal at your location your best bet is going to be a directional antenna. An airband Yagi mounted outside as high as possible might get you some signal to work with. It also may not. It could be you are just out of range of the airport.


Sep 8, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
Some antennas are at the top of the control tower at the airport, and those towers can be pretty high, and some channels are on remote sites. I inspected one of their remote sites and it was at the highest point in the terrain and had a standard 100ft tower. It was some 8-10 channels that included ACARS and used a combiner, so probably up to 10dB loss and 5W going out to the antenna, that was a 2-stacked dipole antenna giving 10W ERP. They focus on low altitude coverage where private aircrafts and helicopters are and also land on ground or small airfields and can easily be obstructed by hills or buildings and need high positioned antennas to get coverage and possible give starting clearance.