AR-DV1 SD Card can produce serious problems

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Feb 17, 2016
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If your AR-DV1 begins to behave oddly, not just in relation to recording or playing back audio files, then the SD Card may be the cause.

Reading the data stored on the SD Card is governed by many factors..The speed of the card, whether the Card has any data errors, and the reaction time and method employed by the AR-DV1's firmware.

The AR-DV1's ability to read from an SD CARD seems 'limited', if there are any errors on it, even a small one like a cross-linked file other 'odd' things can happen.

If the Card has no errors then the Radio reads the data OK. Even one small error can result in the AR-DV1 not reading all the files present, and can also result in apparently unrelated strange behaviour.

The indications are that the AR-DV1 'reads' the SD Card when power is applied. This became obvious because of the time it takes for the SD Card Icon to appear on the Radio's screen. The larger the Card's capacity, the longer it takes.

The firmware also appears to examine the SD Card when the Power (vol) is pressed to switch off.

One indication of problems is if the AR-DV1 'sticks' in recording mode, and another is if the Radio will not switch off by pressing the Vol Knob, until the power plug is removed.

There may be other 'odd' things that happen too, so if your AR-DV1 starts to misbehave the first thing to look at is the SD Card. Try removing the Card first and then see if the problems go away.

Sometimes placing the SD Card in a P.C. and scanning it for errors will correct these issues, however usually the only way of restoring correct operation is to re-format the card, or if necessary, replace it. If the Card is at fault the problems are likely to re-occur quickly.

Windows employs more tolerant ways of reading a card that contains errors, so the safest method of preserving your current data is to insert the SD Card into the computer, then copy/paste all the files on it to a folder on the hard drive. Re-format the SD Card and then copy/paste the original contents back to it. The difficulties are more than likely to be a product of the indexing of files, not the content of the files themselves.

This is an AR-DV1 firmware issue, due to how the Radio reacts to the SD Card, not related to external serial control.

If errors persist then the most likely cause is that the SD Card is 'failing' and needs to be replaced.

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