AZ Strip - 2020 channels

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Apr 19, 2005
from a 2020 federal wildfire document

"AZ Strip" - zone / bank - (which would be the BLM District out of St George Utah iirc - but with a major coverage area in NW Arizona)

Repeaters - 173.825 R - 166.3375 input - repeaters at Big Mtn + Hudson + Black Rock + Scrub + Big Ridge + Moccasin + Logan - each repeater site has a unique input PL

SOA Repeater - 168.775 R - 164.9125 in - Scene of Action repeater - transportable repeater

Tac 1 - 166.50

Tac 2 - 166.9625

Tac 6 - 169.075

Tac 9 - 168.275

A/G 19 - 168.125

A/G 24 - 168.6375


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Mar 1, 2019
The Arizona Strip District of the BLM is still a part of the Arizona State Office of the BLM. The Arizona Strip refers to the land south of the Utah border, east of the Nevada border and north and west of the Colorado River. The closest city is St. George and the BLM has had the district office there for quite some time. The Dixie NF also has a ranger district there and the Utah Cedar City BLM district also has a field office there. I don't remember now if all three entities are in the same office building. The only other place a district office could be put to keep it in Arizona, would be the small town of Fredonia, just south of the Utah line. Access to the remainder of the state is limited and time consuming. That is why they chose to include it with the interagency dispatch center in Cedar City, HQ of the BLM Utah Color Country District. The new BLM Paria River District also borders the east side of the strip, which too is dispatched by Cedar City. When I was a kid Daddy took us on hikes and drives up there cause he likes remote country. It would take a trip of 5-7 days to see it, even when the family lived in Flagstaff for some years.

That SOA repeater pair is the USFS R4 scene of action freq. The BLM/USFS/state in Utah have, I think, a 9 tactical freq set. I don't have with me to compare it to what I've gathered. I've been putting together a USFS/BLM regional/state tactical frequency list. Since NIFC told the agencies to not use the NIFC tac freqs for initial attack the regions and states have been developing their own. If life can calm down for awhile, maybe I can finish up that list and post it on RR. I have all the freqs, but have some major formatting issues with the thing.
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