BC 170

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Nov 23, 2005
Rowan County, NC
A friend let me have his old Uniden BC 170 to see if I could "reprogram" it for him. Needless to say it's an old radio, but I've always been a Uniden fan and I know they last a long time.

When I turned on the scanner it was in the scan mode but was picking up nothing. I knew there was radio traffic because I was hearing it on my other scanners here at home. So, I turned the squelch knob all the way to the right to open it up. Then, I started hearing strong signals of radio traffic breaking squelch. When I backed off the squelch, I could hear no radio traffic or squelch static. Using the "auto" part of the squelch didn't affect it either.

The factory supplied antenna is connected properly. The date of manufacture from the bottom of the receiver is OCHI and the serial number is 95002149 if that helps. I would like to know the date of manufacture if anyone knows. Any and all help would be appreciated; this is too good of a unit to just throw away! Here is a picture of what this particular model looks like:
Not open for further replies.