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Jan 11, 2014
I have a BC296D scanner that I just updated with the rebanding update( BC296D_V3_60.scn).I live in Tippecanoe Co. Indiana and they use Motorola Type II SmartZone with voice :Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface.
I used ARC250PRO radioreference webservice to program the scanner for the trunk channels.Still after programing I can not receive and channels.Is there something on the scanner itself that I need to change?
Last part of the rebanding update talked about setting a bank as a rebanded system which I did not understand and was wondering if the ARC250 PRO would change it.

"To set a bank as a rebanded system, set the bank to MOT Type I or Type II Custom (TYPE1 CUSTOM or TYPE2 CUSTOM). Then, apply the rebanding table as follows:
For standard rebanded systems, you need to set Band Plan 1 and Band Plan 2 as:
Band Plan Base Freq (Lower) Base Freq (Upper) Offset Polarity Spacing
1 851.0250MHz 854.0000MHz 440 + 25 kHz
2 851.0125MHz 868.9875MHz 0 + 25 kHz
1. Select the Trunking Programming mode and the bank you want to change.
2. Choose Motorola Type 2 Custom (TYPE2 CUSTOM) or Type 1 Custom (TYPE1 CUSTOM) and press [E]. ◦ For a Type 2 system, choose "SELECT BASE CONF" then press [E].
◦ For a Type 1 system, choose "EDIT BASE CONF" then press [E].
3. The scanner displays "SELECT BASE CONF". Choose the Configuration Block Number (1 to 6), and press [E].
4. Use [0]- [9] to enter a new Base (Lower) Frequency, then press [E]. The Upper Frequency is displayed.
5. Use [0]- [9] to enter a new Upper Frequency, then press [E]. The Spacing Frequency is displayed.
6. Use [0]- [9] to enter a new Spacing Frequency, then press [E].
Note: You can only enter within a range of 5 - 100 kHz, and 5 or 12.5kHz multiples.
7. Use [0]- [9] to enter a new Offset Channel, then press [E]. The display changes for selecting the Polarity (PLUS).
Note: If a Base Frequency hasn't been set yet, the setting of Offset will not be accepted.
8. Choose the Polarity (PLUS or MINUS).
9. Press [E] to store the Polarity. The next configuration number is shown.
10. Select the next Configuration Block Number (1 to 6), and press [E]. Then, repeat from step 4.

That's the part I could not understand. Should it be set to Type 2 Custom?
Is the Lower and Upper frequencys(line 4-5) the lower and upper frequencys listed(there is 11 listed)?
How do you know the offset and do all 6 configuration block needed done?
Thanks for any help
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