Can I get some feeback?

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Aug 10, 2007
Bethany, OK
I just listened, and it's LOUD! Much louder than other feeds I normally listen to, had to turn the volume almost all the way down. There is also a low background hum and "ticking" noise that could be annoying after a while during quiet times, but that could just be a side effect of having the gain up too high.

You may try turning down the record level some, see how that does. I tried to set mine so it would sound right at my normal volume level on the computer, and so it sounded about the same as other feeds I listen to. (That way, if I have two on at once I'm not blasted by a louder one trying to hear a quieter one.) I don't use the RR software (or even Windows for that matter) so I'm not sure if there is some "standard" or some indicators to show signal levels that others use...
Not open for further replies.