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Jul 22, 2002
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Folks I am told that sometime this quarter, the MediaWiki software will be upgraded to a newer version. This is a good time to consider what new functionality you would like the new installation to have.

I have been approached by one or two members about adding sorting functions within lists of data, and I agree that might be one possibility. There are many others - new functions within the MediaWiki enviornment are added by use of extensions. There are over 1000 such extensions currently and more are being added as time goes on.

The MediaWiki web manual has a complete list of these, but I'd like to start by concentrating on 3 extension types; Tags, parsers and hooks. Here are some links to get you started...

User:Alterego/ExtensionMatrix/tag - MediaWiki

Help:Extension:parserFunctions - MediaWiki

Manual:Hooks - MediaWiki

I will say that I have identified about a dozen functions - mostly concentrating on sorts, searching and appearance - that look like good candidates for our use. I will not pollute the discussion by revealing their identities at this time.

This is where you come in. Suggest something - skip through the various lists and see what might come in handy. Keep in mind that if an extension is flagged as a vulnerability threat, it probably won't be considered - but something similar to it, that doesn't present a thread, might.

I would not expect all suggestions to be implemented all at once. They would have to be ranked and evaluated as to just how important these are to the community and how much time it would take Lindsay to do the installation, among other things. The more folks mention a particular function, the more popular it is, the more likely it will be added to the list.

The rest, as they say, is up to you 73 Mike


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Jul 18, 2004
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This is an old thread started by Mike when he was Wiki Manager.

Lindsay is working on updating the Wiki software. This may result in some changes to the way searches work in the Wiki.

Why are the searches important? Because making search work may require changing the way we code lists in the Wiki. We have tabular data presented as bulleted lists, tables, PRE text, and a few other formats. This is one of my consistency headaches, but the first step is the software upgrade and then investigating the search capabilities.

Hang with us.
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