Chirp auto offset wrong?

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Aug 4, 2020
OutputInputTone OutTone InCallsignDescriptionCounty
145.270000.00000141.3 PLK7EARK7EAR - South MountainApache
This repeater does not show an input frequency as you can see. However when I input this channel into chirp it corrects and adds a +.600k offset. Is this correct or should I remove it? ** Please help me with this one**

**Answered** Second quesion, tone in vs tone out. I don't see a tone in or out option. I have tone mode, where I can choose a tone mode. Tone, where I can choose the tone frequency, Tone sql, where I can also choose a tone frequency. I am assuming one of those is tone in and the other out?

***** Edit I found information that answered my second question. Posting it here for anyone with the same question.
Picking "Tone" under tone mode is a PL tone.
For general information though, the "Tone Mode" chosen determines which of the columns are going to be written to the radio.

Tone -> only the Tone column is used for transmit
TSQL -> both Tone and ToneSql columns are used, Tone for transmit and ToneSql for receiver ** Tone in and tone out respectively**
DTCS -> DTCS Code for transmit, DTCS Rx Code for receiver (options in DTCS Pol column are beyond the scope of this brief review)
Cross -> Used for those very rare occasions when CTCSS (Tone) is used and DTCSS is used at the same time. Not something you need to worry about!
" Thanks to N4GIX for the post elsewhere.
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Aug 7, 2018
Per the repeaterbook entry, that repeater uses a negative offset. You can modify this in Chirp quite easily.

This makes sense, because the standard offset should be -600kHz; reference the below. This could be a good reference for you to print out. Although not law, it's become standard procedure, and assumed to be universally known - some listings won't specifically show the input frequency because of this.

A lot of repeaters don't have a tone out, so you would not set one. Sometimes they do, and sometimes it's different from the tone in. Not all radios support the "split tone" operation. Other times, repeaters will "pass through" the tone from the other transmitters, but you won't hear the repeater's own squelch beep/tail. Weird stuff - unless you know for sure, start out without a tone out.

Chirp does some funny default fills - such as the tone. Even if you select "tone", it will auto fill the tone in as 88.5kHz. No biggie, as the tone type overrides this.
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