DSD+ Cap+ Network name resolving bug

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Nov 22, 2016
Hello RR

Not a show stopper of a bug but a bug none the less. Stick with me while I try to explain.

Just recently became a Fast Lane user so I'm playing with the latest DSD+ v2.18 and the newer features it affords. Most notably CAP+ monitoring and its ability to distinguish different networks. CAP+ doesn't provide Network ID. So by entering in the correct information data into .networks, .sites and .frequencies. files as per 'Notes.txt' this can be achieved.

I have only identified 4 CAP+ networks in my area so far to explore.

2 networks use a single a frequency each ('Site 8' from below is one of these)
1 network use 2 frequencies
1 network use 3 frequencies

3 of the networks resolve as 'Site 1' and the other as 'Site 8'

All 'Site 1' networks resolve correctly in 'DSD+ CC Event Log' window.
The 'Site 8' network does not resolve the .sites information correctly in the 'DSD+ CC Event Log' window.

My DSDPlus files entries for 'Site 8' are:
Cap+,8888, "CAP+ System - Company"



I'm running DSD+ with the 4 reconfigured batch files.

When decoding commences the 'DSD+ CC Event Log' window displays:

"Current network: 8888 Cap+ System - Company"
"Current site: 8888-8 Location"

And in the status bar of the 'DSD+ CC Event Log' window:
"Cap+ Site:8888-8 DCC:1 Cap+ System - Company"

Status bar line should be:
"Cap+ Site:8888-8 DCC:1 Cap+ System - Company Location"

This is how the 'Site 1' networks are shown.

If I change .sites file to: (changed 'siteNumber' from 8 to a 1)

Then "Location" is not shown and is "Current site:8888-8"
And the statusbar shows "Cap+ Site:8888-8 DCC:1 Cap+ System - Company Location"

So the 2 lines only swap around.

The workaround is to add 2 entries for the 1 network into .sites file.

This would be an issue if you have a 'Site 1 and Site 8 in a network.

If you got this far, thanks for sticking around.
Has anyone noticed this bug?
Not open for further replies.