Dutchess Probation?

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May 29, 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I just recently got into the scanning hobby. Not much to do since being cooped up at home during the pandemic. A friend of mine just recently gave me his Uniden BCD369XT after buying himself a new scanner.

I'm curios as to what frequencies Dutchess Probation uses? I looked in the database but didn't see information listed for them. I live in downtown Poughkeepsie and I go out for walks every morning and my walk takes me past their building. I noticed their cars have antennas on them, and that some of their cars have two antennas, one small and one longer.

Thanks for the help!



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Aug 13, 2005

First welcome to the hobby! The 396 is a great little scanner and will work well for the area.

Dutchess County Probation does not have their own frequencies. They do have VHF radios installed in the cars, and they do have a catch of VHF portable radios in the different field offices. Their VHF radios have same channel line up as the Sheriff's office, and I believe they identify as DC6xx units. The only time I've really heard them call out on the radio was when they were doing a home visit in Pleasant Valley a few years ago and the person they where checking up on ran out of the house and into the woods.

As for the cars that have two antennas, I believe the smaller one is used for the ankle bracelet receiver.

At one point they did have some EDACS portables, but the only time I've heard them on EDACS was during impact patrols, and when they used to postion POs around the High School and Middle School during dismissal time. But they haven't done that in some years.
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