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F221 "no answer from transceiver"

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Jul 28, 2012
I've got an IC-F221, OPC-1122 cable, CS-F100 v1.7 and CS-F100 ADJ v1.0 on Windows 10 64-bit desktop. I can't get either software to connect, I've tried/checked:

- pins on RJ45 and solder connections inside faceplate are ok
- radio powered by 12V 1.66A wall wart, then tried 12V 8Ah motorcycle battery
- Prolific drivers which work with "all varieties" of PL2303, along with and
- Kenwood plug USB programming cable that needs drivers, works with my handhelds, rigged to a RJ45 connector on pins 2/7/8
- two different USB ports, also a Windows 10 64-bit laptop on battery
- port set to 9600 8n1 but also tried 300/1200/2400/4800 baud, switching COM ports, disabling/lowering FIFO buffers
- LMR/PMR, normal/high speed, read/write/info, Run as admin, WinXP compatibility mode
- turning the radio on with UP+P3 shows "REV10 SunFC67"
- Tram 1180 antenna connected and disconnected

Radio is currently programmed with ch-01 which has squelch always open, static without antenna and a continuous loud ~10Hz digital hammering tone with antenna connected, and ch-02 squelched/static with P0.

Anything else I can try? Is my RJ45 cable/pinout correct? Should I abandon USB and venture into serial port land? Does the radio seem fubar? It's entirely possible as I picked it up for $20 from a cabbie. If I take it into a commercial radio shop, how much for diag/repair? Thanks!! :confused:


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May 28, 2012
Westfield, Ma
I had problems programming an F221. I was running it off a deep cycle marine battery with a trickle charger connected to it.

The issue turned out to be that there was a small amount of 60 cycle hum on the 12 volts. I changed to a cleaner 12 volt source and all my programming problems went away.

FWIW, there was enough 60 cycle ripple present that I could hear a tiny bit of hum out of the speaker, even with the radio squelched.
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